Woodieful Chair (2)

Woodieful Chair: Playful furniture with tons of functions

With the need to reduce non-recyclable waste and non-biodegradable materials in our daily life, Woodieful Chair is made from 100-percent durable and long lasting natural wood. Designed to simplify your life with incorporation of design breakthroughs as multipurpose furniture, Woodieful chair is all set to go for production and sales management via Kickstarter.

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Offmat’s sink (1)

Offmat’s sink-disappearing kitchen with smart countertop

The world is going nano and modular, and Tuler kitchen is another addition your collection of easy-to-access. For the purpose of looking versatile and yet functional, the Tuler Kitchen was designed by Marmo Arredo and Tipic and will be marketed by Offmat. What makes it truly stand out from the rest kitchen islands is its unique feature of disappearing in ...

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Shift’s new sideboard 2

Shift’s new sideboard rearranges by choice

Want to reinvent your shelves according to need and look, then Shift’s new tendency rearranging shelves are a good choice. Bringing function and design innovation together in a single piece of furniture, this sideboard can be arranged vertically/horizontally/ against a wall or as you please. Being adaptive in usage, these shelves can be rearranged as per your choice. For the ...

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MOON Lunar Globe  (1)

MOON Lunar Globe brings earth-orbiting giant to your room

When high class craftsmanship, mechanical and electronic engineering and NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter data come together, it results in the most accurate topographic representation of the lunar globe. This ongoing project is designed and innovated by Oscar Lhermitte with Kudu. Bringing the lunar globe a new face, where its not only topographically most accurate but also in 3D, Moon has ...

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MIT’s Bow Spring Chair (1)

MIT’s Bow Spring Chair defines excellence in geometry

Conor Coghlan, an architectural graduate from the Harvard Graduate School of Design came up with the idea of a double bow spring chair. This unique design is extremely adaptive and blends perfectly with your interior while providing fully-efficient functioning. Conor says that the idea sparked when he was thinking about “how the arms and legs of a chair could work ...

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Splyt light  (2)

Splyt light – reversible arboreal lamp or chandelier?

Imagine creating your own designs with your bare hands, be it a table lamp or an exotic chandelier. Splyt light gives you the power to decide what you want it to be, with no use of tools and a significantly affordable budget. Just like the regular lightbulb, splyt light uses the regular sockets and connectors for functioning, with the added ...

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Candela lamp generates electricity  (2)

Candela lamp generates electricity using a smokeless flame

While LED lamps are becoming popular as a convenient and affordable source of lighting, Argentinean designer Francisco Gomez Paz has created Candela lamp that uses a smokeless flame to generate electricity. Designed for Danish-Italian lighting brand Astep, is a contemporary take on traditional-looking lanterns. Here a full insight into the Candela lamp.

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Aria kitchen (2)

Aria kitchen is perfect blend of Italian style and modern technology

Looking for sophisticated and technology loaded kitchen for your ultra-modern living space? Have a look at this innovative kitchen that takes its cue from nature. Twenty-year partnership between Snaidero and Pininfarnia has resulted in the formation of another innovative kitchen design, Aria. It is perfect blend of Italian style, cutting-edge technology, design and practicality. Let’s find out more about this ...

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Wood Panel Camper  (2)

Wood Panel Camper is perfect for snow-covered roads

With distinctive wood panel finish, Sean Mc Coy has created an attractive and comfortable Wood Panel Camper. It isconstructed using non-toxic techniques and natural materials to easily hit the road, while offering utmost comfort to inhabitants. With a weight of 2,000 pounds, you can easily pull it through SUVs and other big vehicles. With the compact design and sustainable material, ...

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