What Your Kitchen Says About You

As an individual and a homeowner, we give away a lot about ourselves through our home, interiors and pretty much everything we do. We might not realise it, but it’s a huge element in how people perceive us and what we are like as a person. From the way people dress to the way they speak, even the style of ...

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Give your kitchen a sharper look with gorgeous curtains

  Most of the people do not agree with the view that curtains in the kitchen enhance the beauty of the space. Curtains not only beautify the kitchen it gives encouragement to the person who is cooking in that room for her near and dear ones. It leaves a tremendous impact on the mind, gives personalized effect to that person. ...

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How Brexit could change house sales scenario

Brexit has affected all assets ranging from gold, government bonds and the stock market. The property market also is definitely going to be impacted by Brexit. Some politicians and economists are of the opinion that house prices will go down as a result of Brexit. Others believe the exact opposite.

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exploring flooring options (1)

Things to consider when exploring flooring options…

At some point in time, each one of us dreams about owning a house. The way we care about our home tells how we care about ourselves and our loved ones. The new developments in the field of civil engineering and architecture have brought in some very drastic changes in the way we live and build our houses. While many ...

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