New green roofing materials

New green roofing materials keep roofs cool

Replacing the roof is something every homeowner must go through every ten years or so. For the environmentally-conscious, it can be a great opportunity to increase the value of your home while decreasing your carbon footprint. There is an increasing demand for green roofs, and there have never been more options available. Exciting new research being done in materials science ...

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Eco-friendly Lumir C LED lamp

Eco-friendly Lumir C LED lamp powered by a small candle

Lumir C LED Lamp is candle-powered lighting fixture, which is designed to provide eco-friendly alternative to battery lanterns.The word Lumir is a combination of two terms: Lumi means‘light,’ and Mir means‘the world.’Thus, this LED lamp is considered to be the world of light.Instead of battery-powered light sources, Lumir C requires asmall candle to provide sufficient light and brightness.Hence, a single ...

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Air Bonsai

Air Bonsai adds dynamic element to static houseplants

Everyone is fond of indoor plants- as plants not only enhances home décor, but also provides healthy atmosphere. However, Japanese company Hoshinchuwants to make your indoor gardening more amusing with Air bonsai- a tree that floats effortlessly in mid-air.The magical series of miniature Bonsai trees is able to levitate and rotate using magnetic energy. This is designed to allow people ...

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Combining Tile and Grass

Combining Tile and Grass to Decorate Your Backyard

Sometimes the best meals and moments happen outside, in your very own backyard. Gardens are the epitome of peace and relaxation—spending a few minutes out there could wipe away the day’s stresses. While the plants and flowers make up much of the beauty in gardens, it’s possible to take your garden up another notch. Create a unique and gorgeous oasis ...

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Recycled Glass Countertops (3)

Are Recycled Glass Countertops Right for Your Kitchen?

Recycled glass countertops are far from your typical granite and quartz countertops.  While they’re not as commonly seen in comparison to trendy countertops, they’re very stylish and easily add personality to your kitchen.  Recycled glass countertops are gaining more popularity among designers and homeowners who aren’t afraid to make a statement and stand out from cookie-cutter kitchens. They’re perfect for ...

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Different Window Styles  (1)

Different Window Styles You Should Know About

Homeowners want to establish a fine balance between functionality and style while choosing windows for their home. Be it for a new home or an old one, good windows are necessary to make your home functional. The main factors that homeowners consider for choosing windows are aesthetics, energy efficiency, privacy and convenience of use. Knowing the different types of windows ...

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