6 out-of-the-box DIY kitchen storage ideas

kitchen storage

It is said that the heart of every household is its kitchen. The way the kitchen is maintained often defines not just the heartbeat of not just the people living in the house but also the condition of the rest of the house itself.

But, almost every house even though built with love, is built on a budget. Most times, things are bought that are most affordable and help the house showcase the personality of both the builder and the people inhabiting it.

However, in most cases, houses cannot be built as per a person’s specifications and the one place most alterations are made is the kitchen. Specifically, in the storage space of the kitchen. As more time is spent in the kitchen, the need for innovative kitchen storage ideas comes up to make it clutter-free.

Here is a list of six ways where you can organize your pantry on a budget with DIY methods that are most affordable and not pushing for more store bought decor.

  1. Store above the window –
    kitchen storage
    One of the major limitations of most kitchens is limited floor space in the kitchen. That means you need to get really innovative with your kitchen storage ideas. One space that is often overlooked in the kitchen is the space above the windows. Kitchen’s often have sprawling windows and the space above them is more often than not utilized. It can be a great place to store plates, bowls and art if need be. Hanging a simple shelf above the window/s can add enough space to display some of your most prized possessions of the kitchen.
  2. King of kitchen storage ideas – hang them out to dry – Most kitchens have a lot of wall space. It is always a great idea to organize your pantry by hanging to decongest whatever limited space you have in the kitchen. If you are thinking of the most affordable ways to store things, think vertical storage. A DIY pegboard on any or all walls is the one of the best ways to store items in the kitchen when you are on a budget. Even behind the kitchen door is a great option if the need arises.
  3. Think thrift store for the most affordable kitchen racks –
    kitchen storage
    One of the largest space huggers in the kitchen are the numerous number of pots, pans, dish-ware and jars you have. One of the best kitchen storage ideas for this are wiry kitchen racks that can be attached to any wall that can float at an arm’s distance. Using plastic boxes for storage is another way to go when you are on a budget and want to avoid any breakage and glass shards strewn in the kitchen. Another most affordable method is to choose thrift store casserole trays and hang them on a stand any one of the walls. They add a lot of storage space to the kitchen.
  4. Organize your pantry with DIY Wine Racks – Most kitchens feel incomplete without their very own wine racks. Not only do they compliment the meals, they also add to the ambiance of the kitchen. Even though they do take up a lot of space, some of the best ways to most affordable ways to organize your pantry with them is to either hang them vertically or make a makeshift stand with old/used coffee cans.
  5. Upcycle old boxes for the most affordable kitchen storage space –
    kitchen storage
    One of the oldest tricks in the book is to recycle and upcycle your old wooden/plastic/champagne boxes and old wine glasses/bottles. Also, if you can redecorate them with jazzy paper materials if you are on a budget and do not want to spend much on them when buying them from a thrift store. Adding a dash of wallpaper also adds pizzazz!
  6. Use swing seats if on a budget – Spend long hours in the kitchen or prefer to have your meals there? Attach a pair of vintage swing seats to compliment your kitchen table or kitchen counter. The best part of these swivel seats is that they are not just incredibly playful and that they add a very playful vibe to the kitchen, they can easily disappear when they are not in use.

Final Words

Keeping a shiny, spic-and-span kitchen along with a neatly organized one may seem like a very difficult thing to do when you are on a budget.

But the most affordable kitchen storage ideas are the ones where you are able to repurposing old used/unused items and creating new items from them. The key to efficiently organize your pantry is being creative and imaginative while implementing a lot of DIY projects. Not only will you have more than enough storage space, you will be the envy of everyone for creatively using all the space you have.

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