Why and how to create a meditation room in your house?

meditation room

Though there are no hard and fast rules of creating a room for meditations, but there are a few things that you need to consider while settling such room. Take a look to the following inspiring ideas to create a meditating room of yours. But before that, always listen to your heart and mind first and put those elements in your meditation room which appeals to you the most.

13 amazing ways to set up a meditation room of your own

  1. Unclutter the room:
    Unclutter the room
    If we talk about distractions, nothing could be more distracting than any cluttered area. While you are thinking of making your own meditation room, the first thing you need to do is to unclutter your room. The room must be spotless. Usually when you meditate, your eyes are closed. So wondering why you need to have an uncluttered room? It is something subconscious.

When your eyes are not closed, you know that the room is messy. It will stay there in your mind and this messed up room will screw up all your mental peace. A room if clear will make your mind clear and give you positive energy. While meditating if you know that your room is free of clutter, then you will be able to meditate in a better way.

  1. Bring in the nature to your room: Organically, nature is known to be healing and relaxing. Here nature means to put in a small plant or tree in the room. It must be big enough to get into notice and shouldn’t be small enough so the room consumes it all. Plants bring calm to your room and can be the part of a mindful decor. Don’t put up any crazy plant whose maintenance is hard. Get the plants which look nice every time you look at it and which won’t die in just a few weeks of buying it.
  2. Lightning:
    Your room must be well lit with natural lightning. Sun brings in the positive energy throughout your body. One must not overlook the importance of sun in meditation. It will make your mood better and make your meditation room calm and soothing.
  3. Removing technology: Technology is quite distracting for most of the people while meditating. You must not have technology around you while you are mediating as mediation is the time only for yourself. A meditation room should be designed such that it must be away from the hustle- bustle of the room and where you could find a peace of mind. This is not going to happen if you there is technology all around.
  4. An open space:
    Choose an open space of the room. This is something related to the uncluttered room as mentioned above. To have an open space will make your mind more free and open and thus your body will get a positive energy. You will get the optimal level of meditation with an open space.
  5. Sight:
    Getting some meditation symbol or statue in your meditation room is a great piece of sight in a meditation room. This is affirmative as the room will then become a place of serenity and peace.
  6. Appealing to all your 5 senses:
    Appealing to all your 5 senses
    There could be many small things in your room which can be really appealing to your senses and also makes your experience of mediation very relaxing. Things of artwork like affirmation beads and stones, Buddha statue, crystals, chimes and bells are helpful in creating a peaceful serene and environment and produce good vibrations which will let you solely focus on meditation. Also pay heed to the lightning of the rooms. The room must have a majority of natural lights coming into it so that your mood can be well enhanced.
  7. Sound: Though it is not necessary for everyone but meditative music is known to be very relaxing for many people. It is the most essential requirements for those who are busy in urban life surrounded by sounds of traffic, sirens, trains etc. There are so many sounds that can be really pleasing to your ears, like the sound of bells. Also they can be significant for the beginning and end of the meditation period. There are many sound tracks that could keep peace in room all the while.
  8. Taste:
    Having a cup of hot teaHaving a cup of hot tea is great before starting a meditation session. This will soothe your body, mind and soul.
  9. Smell: Smell is a powerful weapon to relax your mind and body, especially at the time of meditation. Make use of oils extracted from plants like peppermint, chamomile, lavender which could soothe your mind, body and soul.

The benefits of aromatherapy can be received by either incense or candles or by heating oil’s.

Aromatherapy will not only make you relaxed but will provide you numerous other benefits. It is known to stimulate the brain functioning. Also there are evidences that your immune system could be boosted, muscular pain is relieved, and stress is reduced or eliminated. Look out of such incense that could sooth up your mood before you take up the meditation.

  1. Touch:
    meditation room
    Touch is not directly related to mediation but certainly there are a few things that could transform your meditating experience and give out good vibrations. For example meditation beads could help you keep the record of your chanting mediation mantra.
  2. Getting in fresh air: Ensure that there is a passage for fresh air to come into your meditating space. Fresh air is very beneficial as it boost up your brainpower, make you feel refreshed, improve your overall health and promote good vibrations. If you are in an outdoor space, it is easy to obtain such air. But in case of indoors, choose a room which is well- ventilated so that you have enough opportunity to get cool breeze come inside your place.
  3. Choosing a good to feel space:
    meditation roomYou must pick that rooms of your house which has a mindful decor and makes you feel relaxed at the most so that when you walk in that, a smile rides all round your face. Also the rooms must be quite with a very limited traffic. So you can either choose meditating before the rising Sun or it could be even better if you enjoy the calming sunset view and bring yourself into meditation.

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