Smart Home Techie Gadgets for 2015

The latest techie gadgets have shown home owners just how advanced they can make their dwellings. Smart home gadgets are also eco-friendly and may help keep your utility costs to a minimum. When you’re ready to give your home the intelligence it deserves, the following gadgets can take a lot of the work and headaches out of being a home owner.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Simple fixes such as a fresh coat of paint, new appliances, refurbished flooring and updated lighting can increase the value of your home. However, when it comes to the more advanced improvements, smart gadgets don’t have to be expensive. Plus, they can make your life easier. Smart garage door openers are essential when it comes to navigating your garage in the dark. It can also alleviate the need for a remote opener or keypad. By simply tapping on the device’s screen, you can open and close the unit from anywhere. Geofencing features may also soon be available. This provides sensor capabilities that know when you’re getting close to the door.

Smart Air Conditioning

When you’re looking to keep track of your utility bills, heating and cooling a home can account for close to half of your expenses. Lennox Energy Savings Calculator allows you the chance to determine how much you can save with a particular unit. Smart air conditioning options can also kick your savings up a notch via smartphone app. While you may keep your home at sauna levels to save on costs when you’re not home, ramping the air up can be even more inefficient on your pocket book. Having access to your cooling controls from anywhere affords you the chance to gradually cool the home long before you get inside. It can also learn your particular cooling habits and adjust to them on its own.


Smart Home Locks

If you’ve ever forgotten your keys and have had to call a locksmith, you know how expensive this can be. The Smart home lock makes getting into your dwelling easy with just a touch of your finger. You can even give virtual keys to family members, guests or a pet sitter. It also allows you to monitor those who go in and out of your home, and the various times. In case the locks fail or are unable to function, you can still use an actual key to get into your dwelling until the problem has been resolved.

Smart Cooking

Between work, children, school and extra-curricular obligations, you may be on full throttle throughout the day. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home and be able to sit down to a home cooked dinner? The smart slow cooker allows you to do just that. The controls are easy to navigate via android or IOS app and provides you with functions to adjust the settings of your crockpot, change the cooking temperature and receive reminders throughout the process.

Smart Video Monitor

Whether you’re away at work all day or you’re going on vacation, you now can keep your eyes on your home. The video monitoring system is a method of surveillance that allows you to check on children coming home from school, your pets or to just ensure that your home is safe. Features include two-way audio, night vision and digital zoom capabilities, so you can see items up close. By going online or using the app, you can personalize the alerts and check your system from anywhere.

Smart Water Monitor

There’s nothing like being on vacation or at work and coming home to a leak or basement full of water. Smart water monitoring systems provides your home with the proper detection before it becomes too serious and costly. You can attach the sensors to a number of places that include your toilet, sump pump and sinks. If there is an issue, you’ll receive an immediate alert, so you can assess the issue immediately.

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