Craft Combine gives new life to old pallets in form of furniture

Korea-based designers from Craft Combine have designed pallet chairs with patterns using old, unused pallets. Usually the companies utilizewooden freight pallets for their everyday tasks but finally dispose them or burn them into ashes. But the designers at Craft Combinehave decided to give new life to retired wooden pallets rather than making them waste. They’ve beautifully converted old pallets into minimal yet functional seating units. These pallet chairs have several marks and cracks on them, which is an indication towards their prior use.

Inspiration to design the pallet chair

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The inspiration to design the chairs came from the history of pallet that sounded interesting to the designers. Pallets are not a new introduction, but originated in 1800 and gained production and recognition in early 1900s. Designers derived the inspiration for pattern study from Art Deco, the popular design style followed today. The pallet chairs printed on acrylic with different patterns are fixed firmly to the normal wooden chairs. This not only adds to the functional role of the chair but also delivers an attractive look. Moreover, the main structure and stacked woods delivers an interlocked structure thereby enhancing the solidity of the pallets.


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There are two ways to derive pallets from wood. The first method includes heal treatment, also known as HT and the other is treatment with Methyl Bromide, known as MB. However, designers have chosen the heal treatment method for making pallet chairs,, as it makes the chair harmless to people. In addition to this, designers used threaded bolts and oversized washers to add a rough but unique style to the pallet. The back portion of the chair functions as a grid system having different symmetrical and asymmetrical overlapping acrylic patterns of varying shapes and colors.

The patterned pallet chairs are an innovative piece of furniture having geometrical patterns and are developed with the help of recycled pallets that are not only functional, but decorativeas well.

Source : Mocoloco.Com

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