Air Bonsai adds dynamic element to static houseplants

Everyone is fond of indoor plants- as plants not only enhances home décor, but also provides healthy atmosphere. However, Japanese company Hoshinchuwants to make your indoor gardening more amusing with Air bonsai- a tree that floats effortlessly in mid-air.The magical series of miniature Bonsai trees is able to levitate and rotate using magnetic energy. This is designed to allow people living in small houses to enhance their living space with tiny floating plants.

Little star and energy base

You can make your own Air bonsai at home by DIY kits produced by the company. Using these tiny kits, you’ll be able to create floating versions of small indoor plants. The Air Bonsai consistsof two parts: little star and energy base. Upper part is the little star that’s a living moss ball or a floating plant equipped with a magnet. On the other hand, the lowerpart is the energy base with built-in magnetthat works through an AC adaptor.

Both upper and lower magnetic units have same poles, whichallow the plant to repel in upward direction, moving away from the base. The magnetic repulsion between the two parts makes Air Bonsai float in mid-air.To be precise, the little star floats at a distance of two-centimeters above the energy base.This unique technique of growing plants also helps in maintaining small size of these Bonsai trees. So, that they can easily and comfortably grow in mini containers.


Hoshinchu has made life beautiful for nature-loversby introducing these tiny magnetic plants. The companystarted the project in January with the aim of raising $80,000 through Kickstarter, but surpassed the initial target with whopping million dollars. This product is now available for preorder in number of configurations, starting with a base DIY kit for $200.sssAir Bonsaiwill hit the marketin August 2016.

Source : Kickstarter.Com

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