7 essential tips for small bathrooms with shower



Small bathrooms with showers are a smart bet because unlike bathrooms with bath, they are more comfortable and functional, and allow you to save space. Most designs for small bathrooms have a shower; it is logical and very space efficient. Today we will focus on 7 essential tips for small bathrooms with walk in showers:

1. Showers with glass partitions

The glass partitions will help you get your shower seem more spacious, as it’s possible to see through it. Furthermore, this type of shower allows light to enter it and you can see the walls through it. All these facts will make your small bathroom seem larger.

2. Countersunk storage spaces on the wall

This is a trick for small bathrooms with shower. It can be achieved by using storage spaces that are countersunk into the wall and not sticking out of it. The recessed storage will help to give a feeling of openness and space in your shower.

3. Post storey shower

A shower at ground level can earn a lot of space in your small bathroom, it is best to go for a walk in shower, no platforms, as if it were part of the room itself. Today there are some shower trays that can also be adapted very well to space.

4. Seize the corner to put your shower

The angular showers are very good for small bathrooms with shower options. If you can use only the corner, getting a corner shower that suits it is ideal. You can also place the shower using a wall covering 3 sides of it.

5. Put a bench to sit on one of the walls

Small bathroom with shower do not have to give up rest area. You can take advantage of the wall of the shower in order to place a bank in it to sit on.

Colorful Concept in Bathroom Interior Design

6. Screens with two-way doors

For convenience, you can give screens with two-way doors a shot. You won’t believe how convenient they are at first.

7. Shower and bath 2 in one

Finally, in your small bathroom it is also possible to have a tub if you put the toilet and shower next to each other. This way you’ll have a place to shower daily and a mini spa to relax when you need it.

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