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Bedroom design ideas

Decorating your home with art and craft is a great option especially when you are doing it for yourself. Yes, there are so many DIY easy wall art designs to try at any part of the house. The unused things which are available at your house can make a perfect piece of art and it looks wonderful with some creativity which can give your house a new look altogether. Let’s find out some wall art ideas for the bedroom and different areas of the house.

1. DIY fringed mirror wall hanging

DIY fringed mirror wall hanging is the easy DIY wall art projects, which you can decorate at any parts of the house from your living room wall to even your wall opposite your Walk in Showers, etc. The mirrored look enhances the area of the house making it look beautiful and stylish. You can easily make this DIY craft at home with materials easily available in the market.

Materials required:-

  • A round mirror
  • scissors
  • moldable adhesive
  • some colorful yarn
  • a golden chain to hang
  • sponge brush
  • metallic gold paint
  • wooden spear


  • Section off a small area at the bottom of your round mirror and paint that section with gold paint. Keep it aside to dry.
  • Cut some yarn 23” long and bundle them into the group and fold each bundle in held lengthwise.
  • With the help of spear, tie and wrap the cut ends of yarn, all the bundles one by one around the wooden spear. Pull tightly around.
  • Attach the wooden spear at the back of the mirror
  • Lay the mirror face down, attach moldable adhesive to stick the wood spear into each end of the mirror, allow it to cure for at least 24 hours before hanging.
  • Now flip over the mirror and cut the yarn to create a uniform length and your mirror art is ready.

This wall can be created by using so many colorful yarns. Assemble 2, 3 mirror art at the same place or different colored yarn mirror into different places. It makes beautiful wall art ideas for the bedroom and adds shine all around.

2. DIY flower wall

This is the most beautiful and effortless wall décor ideas which go well with every room. Some of the master bedroom DIY wall art inspirations can be made interesting with flower wall. If you have an active Facebook or Instagram page where you post pictures, it’s one of the best DIY things you can do for that. Decorate your wall with strings of long flower hanging. You need some material for this.


Materials required:-

  • Some fake flower bouquets
  • Hot glue gun
  • Transparent chord
  • Small nails or pins
  • Scissors


  • Cut the flowers from bouquet with a scissor to make the string of flowers. You can select the color of your choice.
  • With the help of a glue gun, glue sticks the flowers one by one in the center of the flower petals. Stick in such a way to make it a string of flowers. Make a strand of flowers using a different color as long as you want to hang on your wall.
  • Once the flower strand is ready, hang them by tying the ring on the top of the flower head with the cord.
  • After finishing it, place a small nail into your wall near the ceiling and hang the transparent chord on it, by using transparent chord and pins, it will be hard to notice it and looks like your flowers are just floating on your wall. You can also stick transparent tape to secure the flowers and your beautiful wall décor is ready.

3. Minimalist flower hanging

This minimalist flower wall art is the easiest craft to make at your home. The simplistic design allows the organic to really pretty. You can hang them at different parts of the house. These are easy to make with some easy materials.

You will need:-


  • Cut the golden hoop where the ends hoop connects.
  • Drill straight down on the wooden cube. Locate the midpoint of one of the edges of the cube and measure 3/* inward.
  • Slip the wooden onto the metal ring and again join the two ends with a clear tape
  • With the help of the wooden chip, place it at the back of the wooden cube and secure it with the help of a rubber band
  • Now slide the flower stem between the cube and the chip and place the wooden cube inside the metal hoop. Now it’s ready to go to your wall.

Quick tip: – Instead of using a fake flower, you can use fresh flowers; it will add nice touch and aroma to your place. But keep in mind to replace it every day with the fresh one.

4. Geometric Watercolor Art

This craft is making the entire different pattern triangles, it is fun to make and when you finish it making it, you will find out that it’s a beautiful wall art craft ideas to make. The geometric watercolor art is so easy to make that even your kids can help you make this watercolor art and gets inspiration from. Making it is very easy, effortless and very inexpensive. Let’s gets started as for how you make it.

Bold art is not far behind

Materials required:-

  • A stack of watercolor painting
  • Watercolor paper
  • A canvas
  • Scissors
  • Some leftover paint
  • Some Glue


  • Start with gathering stack of small watercolor painting and cut it in the small triangle of various sizes. Do not worry about the sizes
  • Color the canvas frames with the color of your choice.
  • After the canvas dried out, lay down all the paper cuts into the canvas to position it and see how it looked.
  • After that glue stick all the paper cuttings into the frame. Place it properly so that it covers all the parts of the canvas.
  • Lastly glaze the painting with mod podge to make it look shiny and beautiful. Let it dry and yes your creativity is ready to shine on your wall.

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