Are Recycled Glass Countertops Right for Your Kitchen?

Recycled glass countertops are far from your typical granite and quartz countertops.  While they’re not as commonly seen in comparison to trendy countertops, they’re very stylish and easily add personality to your kitchen.  Recycled glass countertops are gaining more popularity among designers and homeowners who aren’t afraid to make a statement and stand out from cookie-cutter kitchens. They’re perfect for people who want to add character and unique elements in their kitchen.

What Exactly are Recycled Glass Countertops?

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Recycled glass countertops are made up of 80-90% post-consumer glass. The source of the glass can derive from anything like beer bottles to mirrors. In order for the glass to hold together, some countertops include a cement binder to fuse the glass. Since different colours and sizes of glass are used for countertops, the finished product looks customized and vibrant. As well as being stylish and unique, these countertops are incredibly durable and easy to clean. People who lead an environmentally-friendly lifestyle may favour recycled glass countertops since they keep glass out of landfills.

How You Can Tie in Recycled Glass Countertops in your Kitchen

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These countertops can easily add flair and vibrancy into the room. They work great in kitchen remodeling to give your kitchen a colourful, eclectic and modern look.  The countertop can match the kitchen cabinets for a cohesive look. Feeling a bit on the bold side? Then think about tying in multiple colours for your kitchen cabinets and countertops. The top and bottom cabinet colours can vary—they could be contrasting colours or shades of a particular colour. For a completely customized look, you can look into custom kitchen cabinets to design a distinctive space that no one else in the neighbourhood would have.

The Pros and Cons of Glass Countertops


Before making any decisions, you want to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your choice. This helps you decide if the countertops are right for you and your lifestyle.


  • They’re eco-friendly; they’re made up of 80-90% recycled glass
  • Unique appearance; no two glass countertops will look the same
  • They’re durable and don’t chip easily
  • They’re easy to clean and maintain
  • Some manufacturers allow you to pick the colours, textures and shapes of glass you want
  • They’re heat resistant


  • They can crack if heavy weight is placed on them
  • Scratches and fingerprints would be visible
  • They can be costly depending on your budget; they range from $60-300/foot
  • Acidic liquids and foods can etch the surface if it hasn’t been sealed
  • Difficult or impossible to repair if there are damages

Take Note of this Before You Make a Decision

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With glass countertops, you’ll have to take extra care and precaution when working on them. As noted above, repairs could be costly or impossible if the countertop gets damaged. If you’d describe yourself as klutzy and accident prone, think long and hard before installing glass countertops. You also don’t want to be using sharp objects like knives directly on the surface when you’re prepping as this will damage the counter—instead, use a cutting board. Installing glass countertops can be challenging, so it’s best to leave that job in the hands of professionals.

Where to Find Recycled Glass Countertops

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They won’t be as readily available in your big-box home renovation stores, but a simple search online should provide you with local options. When you purchase from local sources, you don’t have to deal with shipping costs. You also don’t have to worry about the risk of damage to your countertops while it’s in transportation if you did order them outside your district.  When you work with a local supplier, there’s a chance that you can work directly with them to personalize the countertop’s appearance.

Now that you have an idea of the pros and cons of glass countertops, it should be clearer if they’ll suit your lifestyle and design goals. They’re undoubtedly beautiful to look at and could turn any drab kitchen into one with flair. They just need to be taken care of well, even more so than stone counters. But if you’re positive that you can keep them in tiptop shape, then these glass countertops will definitely elevate your kitchen.

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