4 – Ways to Optimize a Small Living Space


Most people have fantasized about owning a dream home one day. Indeed, it’s easy to see the appeal of moving into a large, luxurious house with lots of space and potential. Yet, the reality is that most people have to settle for a living space that doesn’t suit all of their preferences or needs. Plain and simple, it’s not easy living in a small house or apartment. The good news is, you can optimize a smaller living space and transform it from a “house,” to a “home.” Here are our top four tips to do just that:

1. Declutter

DeclutterAs with any home-improvement project, one of the most effective ways to enhance a living space is to reduce any unneeded clutter. Knick-knacks, old files, broken appliances –– any items that aren’t functional or fun can be dispensed with right away. Of course, it’s doubly important for people living in smaller homes to get rid of junk they don’t need –– if for no other reason than to free up storage space. Consider running “inventory” on your possessions every few months. If you don’t use something for months at a time, odds are you can afford to lose it.

2. Get Creative

When living in a small home, sometimes it pays to be creative with how you arrange your setup. For instance, you can invest in a portable desk in your living room that folds down when you have company over. That way, you can work remotely in style and comfort without compromising your living space in a permanent way. Whether you primarily work remotely to develop sophisticated lab equipment like a new type of coag tube, or you only occasionally work from home in a regular office gig, amenities like a portable desk will serve you well in a small living space.

3. Value Your Privacy

earplugs-to-drown-out-loud-neighborsEveryone needs time and space to unwind after a long day. As nice as it is to have company, homes that don’t allow for privacy can have a negative effect on your well-being. As such, it’s imperative to prioritize the private space you have available and to make it your own. In addition, you may want to consider investing in products like noise-cancelling headphones or earplugs to drown out loud neighbors or nearby construction.

4. Go Vertical

Most of the time, when we think about space in a home, we think about it laterally. Yet, in some instances, people forget to use vertical space available to them. Stacking items, placing artwork higher on walls, or using tall bookcases or cabinets are all smart ways to make the most of your vertical real estate. Remember, we live in a three dimensional world –– so don’t forget about the vertical element!

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