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3 Easy Tips to Arrange Your Storage Space

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Consider Putting Some Items into Storage

A cost-effective way of moving house is to opt for a do-it-yourself solution, where you hire a moving vehicle, pack up your belongings, and then either drive to your new home or have a driver do it for you. If you’re packing up the van yourself, however, you’ll want to not only maximize the space you have but also be able to find everything you need once you get to your destination. Here are three tips to help you organize your moving storage in the most efficient way possible.

1. Create a Floor Plan

Create a Floor PlanYou’ll know the volume of the storage container you’ve rented, so spend a little time mapping out your belongings and how they’ll fit into the space. This is useful to do once you’ve packed all your boxes; at that point, you’ll know the size of your containers and how many you have, as well as what large appliances and furniture items you need to include. Shift things around on paper rather than manually hauling items in and out of your van to avoid taking up valuable time on moving day.

2. Think Smart When You Pack Your Boxes

Don’t pack your boxes in a hurry; when moving storage Homestead is at a premium, you need to consider what goes where. Fragile belongings will need to go on top so they don’t get crushed by heavier items, and sometimes packing by like (that is, everything that falls in the same category) will make for a speedier task unpacking at the other end. And remember to create an inventory list and clearly label every box. It may take some time to do, but you’ll be grateful for this organization once you’re in your new house and rummaging around for an essential item.

3. Consider Putting Some Items into Storage

declutterDo you need to bring everything with you? Over the years, you’ll have accumulated a lot of things. Some you’ll need to declutter, some you’ll use occasionally, and some seasonally – but, ultimately, you won’t need to use absolutely everything you have in your house right now. Look into a temporary storage solution and you can cut down on what you’ll have to pack into your removal van.

Reach out to a moving specialist and they’ll find the right rental and service option for you. Whether you want to know more tips to store your things for summer, or a do-it-yourself moving solution, take the hassle out of your house move with professional help.

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