Home Renovations to Consider as a New Caregiver

Home Renovations to Consider as a New Caregiver

After years of living independently, your parents or other elderly family members need to live with you. You may still be adjusting to the idea, but you need to start preparing your house right away. Ensure that these critical areas of your house are ready to accommodate people with decreased mobility.

1. Bathroom

Kitchen-Remodel.Everyone needs to use the bathroom multiple times a day, so ideally, you should have a bathroom on every floor. If this is not practical in your house, make sure that one is easily accessible. The hall to it must be wide enough for a walker or any other mobility aids your relatives need. If you only have a bathtub, consider getting a tub to shower conversion St Louis MO, since many elderly people struggle to get into and out of a low sitting position. Store extra toiletries such as toilet paper and soap in a cabinet that your relatives will be able to reach without using a stool.

2. Bedroom

Bedroom renovationMake your relatives feel at home and as independent as possible by giving them their own bedroom. You should sleep nearby in case of an emergency, but do not share rooms unless their health or your space limits require it. Ask in advance what kind of mattress they use and update yours if it is not firm enough. Make sure that they can easily get in and out of their beds. If all of your bedrooms are upstairs, find out if they are comfortable climbing a flight of stairs multiple times a day. You may need to rearrange your rooms so that your downstairs living room or office becomes your parents’ bedroom. While this sacrifice may be annoying, keep in mind their probable frustration at no longer being able to live independently.

3. Kitchen

Kitchen-Remodel.Your new housemates may still be able to cook, and if so, keep all cooking materials in cabinets that are easy to reach. Do not store items in the far back of cabinets where other things must be pulled out before access. Older models of larger appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers may cause challenges if they require a good deal of physical effort to open or close. Consider updating to modern models that have greater ease of operation.

As you help your elderly family members transition to your home, work as hard as possible to make the necessary renovations before they arrive so that your house is comfortable and welcoming for them.

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