What Your Kitchen Says About You

As an individual and a homeowner, we give away a lot about ourselves through our home, interiors and pretty much everything we do. We might not realise it, but it’s a huge element in how people perceive us and what we are like as a person. From the way people dress to the way they speak, even the style of handshake can give a huge amount away. Moreover, the way you design your home also gives a lot away about you as an individual, especially in the kitchen!

First Impressions Count


First things first, it’s all about the first impressions. Making a good first impression is very important. While the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ is true and important, when it comes to the home it’s hard not to do so. The moment you enter someone’s home, you instantly begin to create an image and idea in your mind of what the rest of the house is like, what the homeowners are like and how they live their lives. This isn’t always a true image, but it’s one we create from what we’re shown straight away.

Your kitchen is the most used room in the home; therefore, your personality will show through here the most. When you initially see someone’s kitchen you’ll judge the homeowner on their style, tidiness, cleanliness and so on. These elements can all be judged by simply taking one look at a kitchen. What’s on the countertops? Is the sink full of dishes? Are the surfaces gleaming? It’s all about first impressions, so keeping your kitchen tidy and clean, well presented and stylish will always create great first impressions.

What Lays Beneath

You then have the element of the kitchen that screams more about your personality than you’d ever imagine. Once those doors are opened there’s no going back. The question is what are they going to say about you? Once the kitchen cupboard doors are open, you can see whether the homeowner is neat and tidy, slack and messy, lazy and not bothered or has a serious case of OCD. It’s crazy to think, but if you see a cupboard with box after box of labelled items, along with some neatly fastened packets then you’ll instantly think this person is neat and organised.

You then have the cupboards that greet you with a flying packet of fajita wraps when you open the door due to the amount of food squashed in to make it all fit. This kind of cupboard usually means you’re not the tidiest or most organised person in the world. If you find yourself opening a cupboard to food that should have been disposed of two weeks ago, then an instant unhygienic, lazy label will come to mind. As for the cupboard that have pristine, neatly packed items without a single item out of line, then the OCD factor usually comes in.

What’s on the Worktop


The worktops or countertops in your kitchen are one of the first things you see. They create a very strong, bold look and add to the atmosphere of your kitchen overall. How you dress your worktops says a lot about you as an individual. Walking into a kitchen with beautiful fresh flowers in a stunning vase positioned neatly on the worktop will instantly create a positive, happy feeling in your mind. You then have the worktops that are dedicated to all the mail that has come over the last week, opened or unopened, with the odd magazine that has been placed there for when you get a moment to stop and read it. This kind of worktop layout will create an impression that the homeowner lives a busy, hectic lifestyle and is constantly on the go. Adding simple features such as candles to your worktops can instantly create a positive atmosphere and emphasise your personality, making you and your kitchen look really good.

Getting Personal

Whilst your kitchen is already telling a huge story about you and your personality before you’ve even had chance to say a word, there are additional elements that will highlight certain key parts of your life and personality too. One of the best things to include in your kitchen is a selection of family photographs, as this will show that you’re a family person and your home is a welcoming, happy one. Artwork is another key feature that says a lot about you. You can tell a lot about a person by the artwork they choose, highlighting whether you’re a laid back person, interested in fine art of simply looking to add character and style to your kitchen!

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