Perfectly practical tile installation advice and tips for homeowners

You’ve picked out the most beautiful tile for your home; however, installation always remains to be a crucial thing, as tiles have to withstand the test of time. A good installation requires meticulous preparation, right products and planning. Whether you’ve chosen cement, wooden, porcelain or concrete tiles, here are a few tips on how to install your tiles perfectly:


Careful planning is necessary before you start laying the tiles. Things to be considered include the features of the surface that is being tiled, the total area to be tiled and the type of the tile.

The technique of laying the tiles is also important, specifically the composition, type, thickness, and the fixing method of the tile surface or bed. This “bed” can be made out of concrete mortar or with adhesives. You might also take floor tiling courses, before you start tiling, which will help you lay your tiles like a professional.

Choosing joint type

You need to consider any auxiliary layers that you may need to apply on the support surface, as also the direction, course and width of joints between tiles. You have many types of joints to choose from, such as joint less, buttered joint, staggered or sliding, unbroken or broken joints, and the dimension and placement of movement joints.

Laying the tiles

The objective of laying tiles is to have a regular tiled surface with no dimples or bumps, straight joints etc. All the elements must be in agreement without any cracks, and your tiled surface must be able to preserve the aesthetic and technical aspects without any kind of damage, over the years.

  • The first step is to organize the fixing space.
  • Check the surface and prepare it for tiling.
  • Check all measurements such as the verticality of the walls, the squarings and floor inclinations.
  • Check the materials you would use to prepare the tile bed and report any defects.
  • Optimise the bed, so that the tiling can be as harmonious and regular as possible.
  • Prepare the adhesives or mortar and start the installation process.
  • After installation, wait for at least a few days or hours, and then proceed to fill joints and clean the surface.

Homeowners can lay tiles, provided they follow the right installation advice. With some wise planning and preparation, they can tile the walls and floors of their home the way they desire and deserve.

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