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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Though no scientific analysis put a limelight on the multiple advantages of Himalayan Salt Lamps, some of the hearsay based reports suggests that these lamps provide an array of health and environmental benefits and they may be worth illuminating your life. As we all know, our body and everything around us consists of atoms and molecules. These molecules are made up of some particles that produce positive and negative charges and harm our environment. But, by owning a Himalayan Salt Lamp you’ll be able to breathe in a clean and fresh atmosphere.

Some of the best benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamp are listed below:

  • Enhance Quality Sleep:Great-Night-Sleep

    Less and insufficient sleep is the big reason in today’s human for mental depression, short-term memory, less concentration ability and some serious health-related By owning Himalayan Salt Lamps you can remove the risk of the fluorescent light and blue spectrum that makes you tired whole day. Himalayan Salt Lamps boost quality sleep and you will be able to get better sleep due to the fact that these lamps develop negative ions. These negative ions help to inverse the reactions of positive ions present in the environment. Positive ions control oxygen and blood supply to our brain that causes revised sleeping patterns. In short, the soft orange light of your Himalayan Salt Lamp is a perfect soothing color that will give you a chance to sleep well in a pure and clean environment and you will awake with refresh mood to hit the day.

  • Boosts Mood & Energy Levels:

    Some analysis suggests that HSL boost energy and mood levels especially beneficial to people suffering from SAD by developing serotonin in the brain, which produces an ultimate feel-good mood that is same as feel during spa and sauna rejuvenation. The soothing orange hues are that soft colors often used to increase concentration and calm mood. In other words, you cannot smell, feel, taste or see negative ions, but you can recognize their presence in your daily life. When you will breathe in pure, fresh and negative ions filled the air, your energy will become more strong and durable during your day hours.

  • Relieve Allergy and Asthma:

    allergy issue
    Due to the lack of clean air, air toxicity is one of the main causes of asthma attacks and allergies today and here HSL can help us. Having the capability to eliminate and purify dust, smoke particles, the HSL is perfect for the people suffering from allergies and asthma problems. They improve the impact of asthma and allergies by filtering and re-oxygenating the air.

  • Air Purifier:

    We all must be aware that plants purify the air in our atmosphere and now Himalayan Salt Lamp also helps to provide clean air to the environment. Many people own Himalayan Salt Lamp at their home because of its capability to purify the air. These lamps have the ability to get rid of the dust, cigarette smoke and other pollutants from the air. Himalayan Salt Lamps purify the air due to its hygroscopic properties. Generally, it means that Himalayan salt absorbs the water molecules present in the air along with any pollutant that they may be importing and absorb them into the salt crystal. You can place these lamps in your lounge, bedroom or in your office. The closer these lamps to you, the more you get the benefits. 

These lamps are, however beautiful and environment-friendly source of light and if you are searching lamps for your home decor then they are perfect option to choose.

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