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Wall Hung Sink

If there is a style statement in a home, it’s the bathroom. A modern bathroom is a refined place for you to unwind and laze. Exclusive bathrooms make your home luxurious and little bit changes can make a big difference! Modern bathrooms contain sleek, stylish showers and most essential high-tech sinks. Modern sinks can upgrade the view and functionality of your arena. There are so many designs of bathroom sinks that are available in the market. All latest sink have their own pros and cons. So you’ll need to choose sinks by evaluating all the aspects of features, durability and aesthetic appearance.

Take a look at the exclusive sink ideas that we collected for you.

  • Pedestal Sinks:

    Pedestal Sinks

    This is one of the most accomplished modern sink choices and works perfectly in a bathroom where space is small. Modern Pedestal sinks are modified from traditional designs to give an authentic look. Pedestal sinks are composed of two parts: the sink and the pedestal. The pedestal sinks are backed by the wall as well as the pedestal. The wall behind the pedestal sink basin must be capable enough to hold the weight of the sink basin, also the water supply and the duct pipes must be inserted in the sink from the back wall than the floor. Pedestal sink basins are available in a huge collection of exclusive styles and sizes, but for most suited vintage themed bathrooms, the height of pedestal sinks generally range between 34 to 36 inches.

  • Console Sinks:

    Console Sinks

    These sinks are the perfect addition to classic style bathrooms. They not only symbolize vintage design but they balance an elegant look as well. Console sinks come in huge designs, styles, and There are multiple advantages of console sinks. The very first popularity of console-style sinks is their space-saving capabilities. These sinks can fit in any type of small bathrooms and its open base adds more storage space to your bathroom. Console sinks come in various styles and very easy to clean so you are not bound to find the one to fit your classic bathroom.

  • Wall Hung Sinks:
    Wall Hung Sink

    A wall-mounted sink is a style statement for modern bathrooms and an extraordinary element of the trend towards today’s bathrooms. It has huge advantages like great flexibility, easy to clean and it does not dominate the room. One of the main advantages of wall hung sink is the fact that it doesn’t need any pedestal to support it. You can fix it however high or low as according to your requirement. This is a great fit if you have kids who are not able to reach the taps. With a salient space saving feature, the wall hung sinks are perfect for bathrooms with small space and it makes cleaning much easier and quicker.

  • Vanity Sinks:

    Vanity Sinks

    These sinks give the luxury appeal to your vintage bathrooms. Vanity sinks provide closed storage space including a cupboard with drawers and are fixed into a countertop. There is a variety of width available of vanity sinks and you can match these with the design chosen for your bath. Vanity sinks come in wall mounted options and it makes your bathroom look bigger. Its drawer and shelves make your storage space more organized and give a beautiful look to your bathroom.

Conclusively, you should think carefully before choosing the right bathroom sinks for your home. It is a long-term investment that could prove to be one of the most regularly used and important part of your home.

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