Uses of High Shear Mixers in Different Industries

High Shear Mixer

High-shear mixers are sophisticated machines capable of dispersing powdered solids into high viscosity liquids. They are used for mixing different substances significantly and achieving a uniform blend. These mixers also help in breaking down solids and agglomerates (deagglomeration). The best high shear mixers provide several benefits over other mixing methods.

High shear mixers are also popular as high shear reactors. Furthermore, some also refer to them as a rotor-stator mixers and Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer. This equipment is used to homogenize, emulsify, grind or dissolve all kinds of immiscible mixtures with components of either the same or different phases. The machines feature a high rotor speed, local energy dissipation, high shear rates, etc. Furthermore, the amount of power consumed is higher than that of other ordinary mixers.

The shearing force of the mixer helps mix the components with the help of relative motion created by the rotation of the stationary parts of the mixer. The rotating element in the mixer can either be one or a set of different components that include paddles, impellers, or screws. When it comes to the stationary parts, the other elements are the chamber’s walls, and for specific equipment, they are vanes, designs, and baffles.

High shear mixers have immense power, and they can grind and mix all major components or ingredients. Such mixers are generally used in the manufacturing industry where they need to combine different ingredients. A few instances of the industries that employ high shear mixers include pharmaceuticals, plastics, food manufacturing, plastics, and many more.

Applications of High Shear Mixers

High shear mixers are seen in various industries across the globe because of their ability to emulsify different ingredients. Any industry that requires combining the elements employs this mixer. Below are the applications of high shear mixtures;

●    Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical Industry

High Shear Mixer

The pharmaceutical industry has to deal with several different mixtures, so it must combine several ingredients to obtain the desired formula. The industries use the inline high shear mixers because of their closed systems that help eliminate the intrusion of the contaminants.

The pharmaceutical industry produces several products like syrups, tablets, injection solutions, gels, suspensions, ointments, etc. These products are all produced in high shear mixers with varied particle sizes and viscosity.

●    Food Manufacturing Industry

The high shear mixers again have varied applications under this category. When used in the food industry, the equipment can produce powders, emulsions, suspensions, and granules. One of the popular applications of this mixer in the industry is to create dressings, sauces, and pastes. Many ingredients are usually composed of immiscible liquids and solid particles like water and oil.

Though, a few industry ingredients are tough to process, like mayonnaise, ketchup, and dough. These liquids and semi-solids require a specific force because of their viscoelastic properties, even before the required flow is created. Hence, specific processes require rotor-stator mixing heads.

●    Toner and Ink Manufacturing Industry

The viscosity of inks used in the printer is the opposite of paints. They are considered to be rheopectic. With shearing, the rheopectic liquid starts thickening, which further makes the entire manufacturing process dependent on time.

●    Coatings and Paints

High shear mixers are employed in the paint and coating industry because of the nature of this industry. Paints used in this industry are thixotropic or Non-newtonian liquid. This makes the application of paint difficult to a great extent. When the paint goes through the shearing process, it thins down, thus making it easy to apply and for end-users. Furthermore, the mixing time of such liquids is controlled carefully to make sure that the liquid doesn’t get over sheared.

●    Petrochemical Industry

There are a few applications of the high shear mixers in this industry. Such mixers are used for processes when resins are to be combined with solvents. The mixture is used for injection molding or casting, emulsifying waxes, modifying oil viscosity, etc. Many processes require the installation of high-power mixers so that the process gets completed well on time and without any significant hassle.

Types of Shear Mixers

To give you an idea of the shear mixers available in the market, so that you can decide better, there are four different kinds of shear mixers available. They are in-line shear mixers, batch shear mixers, granulators, and powder injection. In-line and batch shear mixers are the two main kinds of mixers available, whereas the other two are the modifications found.

Batch shear mixers are specifically used when large volumes of ingredients are produced in a shorter turnaround time. On the contrary, the in-line mixers are less prone to contamination and can be controlled effectively.

The Bottom Line

The mixers are used to shear the complex mixtures. During the process of mixture shearing, droplets of dispersed particles are reduced to smaller sizes. This makes the mixing process easier. When reduced in size, dissolution becomes easy, and it helps create a continuous, homogenized phase. The mixer also puts in additional force if required, and it ensures that the nature of the original product is not lost.

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