Why is a Design Manager Benefit to Your Property Renovation Goals?

Why is a Design Manager Benefit to Your Property Renovation Goals

Renovating a property is a dream a lot of people share these days, and it’s less and less of a pipe dream and more of a reality for many! We all know it’s a big project, but it feels like you could probably manage it – until reality strikes and you’re out of your depth in a mountain of logistics and organisation without the expertise to get you out… That’s where your design management services come in!

Why hire a design manager for your property renovation?

There are so many reasons a design manager stands to benefit you and your project because they play a role in so many different parts and stages of the process, meaning that their impact is particularly widespread. In the same vein, you notice their absence in a lot of different places if you don’t have a design manager on board with the team.

Reasons to Hire a Design Manager for Home Renovation Project

Luckily, we have a collection of top recommendations from experienced professional design managers – we’ve collected the best of the best, so you don’t have to! Make the most of the information we’ve put together here.

1.   Expertise across design management and planning

However much we’ve learnt from videos, our interest and the internet, it just doesn’t stand up to personal, hands-on experience. Having the experience of putting together a design that has to function logistically and aesthetically in a real property renovation is a big ask, and the experience of a design manager is invaluable in making sure that’s carried out successfully.  On top of the concept, turning it into a reality requires expert planning and organisational skills, and crucially, the knowledge in each sector to plan and organise appropriately without leaving out key details or stages.

2.   Complete project management

The key to any successful project is good management, and the same is true of property renovation. A design manager is with you from start to finish and coordinates the project, making sure that things are carried out how they should be, for a successful outcome and an appropriate commitment to design continuity. The scheduling and interaction and communication between all the different trades and parties involved with a project needs a strong leader with good communication skills and the knowledge to understand what each trade needs and when, why and how to make that happen. Selecting an external consultant or company to provide design project management services is extremely common. 

3.   Support with scoping, delivery and installation of your concept

In terms of what a design manager does for you personally, it’s about making your design come to life. You need someone who you trust with your ideas and your goals, and equally, someone who you respect enough to understand their feedback and development to those ideas is what is going to make it realistic and see your goals come to life. The reality of the role of a design manager involves a lot of research, negotiating and organising to make sure that the right pieces are secured at the right price, and then that arrive in the right place at the right time in accordance with all the other things happening in the project. It’s definitely a job for a professional!

4.   Create beautiful purposeful spaces for you

We know you’re about to spend money on this property renovation, and any time you make an investment, you want it to be worthwhile – you want it to be exactly what you hoped for. The design manager is your representative on the ground and it’s them that makes sure your wishes are represented and adhered to by communicating this clearly to the people involved. They understand what makes good design and how spaces are best constructed to be functional and realistic, but they also should listen to what you need and want from the process. The real skill comes in when putting all those elements together to produce a successful outcome. 

5.   Source the furniture and fixtures you need whether for residential or commercial purposes

Whatever the goal of your property renovation, you’re inevitably going to need furniture and fixtures. You could argue that this isn’t a job for a design manager – sure, you could do this yourself, but the point of a design manager is that they do it better. A design manager’s industry knowledge means they know just what to look for and where to go for it, their experience and connections mean they know the market and the best prices, possibly even that they can get discounted goods. Their skills mean that you end up with the perfect pieces at the best prices with the minimum legwork.


Overall, it’s clear to see how beneficial a design manager is and the specific ways in which they can contribute to the outcome and the process of a property renovation. By using their expertise and experience, they are your representative, and they ensure that your goals for your property renovation are represented, implicated and fulfilled.

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