Unique and Interesting ways to design a Greenhouse

old doors greenhouse

Having a greenhouse in your backyard comes with a lot of benefits. Not only is this one of the best ways to tackle the environmental problems and challenges; however, it also helps to put old things into good use. If you are looking out for different ways to design a Greenhouse, here are a few ideas.

Innovative ways to design a Greenhouse using old CD covers

old CD covers GreenhouseImage Source : scrat.hellocoton.fr

There are many DIY ideas with old CD covers, however this one is a stand apart. Not only do you get the opportunity to recycle your old CD covers efficiently, however, you can also come up with an amazing layout for your Greenhouse. In fact, this is one activity that even kids can do and enjoy since they get a chance to make their own garden.

Mason Jars Green house ideas

Mason Jars always come in handy in many ways. One such idea to put them to use is to create small sized portable greenhouses. Amongst the different ways to design a Greenhouse, this is a budget friendly option that you can opt for when you are low on cash and want to decorate your home. All you need to invest on are the different materials you would need like seeds soil etc. In fact, you can place them in your kitchen as well to have your very own herb garden.

Greenhouse design ideas using windows

windows greenhouseImage Source : cdn.goodshomedesign.com

Let your windows come into good use for your indoor garden. You can transform the look of the windows and convert them into miniature Greenhouses. This will add some spark into your home decor as well as give you the flexibility of having a small Greenhouse inside your home.

Convert your shed into a Green Heaven

Most of the time we use the shed to store different things like our gardening equipments, tools etc. Well, now you can easily transform the look of your shed and convert it into a green heaven. Not only is this one of the most interesting ideas for a greenhouse however, it is also an efficient way to make your own garden when you are fighting for space.

Make your own Greenhouse with plastic bottles

plastic bottles greenhouseImage Source : rootsnursery.com

There are many ways you can use and recycle plastic bottles. One such way where in plastic bottles can come in handy is by using them for your green house. Not only do they help to keep your greenhouse organized; however, this is also a perfect way to put them into good use. There are various interesting ideas for a greenhouse with plastic bottles. The design ideas for Greenhouses made from plastic bottles are of different shapes and layouts. You can easily transform the look of your backyard just by this one idea.

A greenhouse made from CD Spindles

Using CD Spindles is one of the other ways to design a Greenhouse. These make the perfect option for people who have small backyards. With the help of such greenhouses, you can make the maximum use of the space you have and create your own greenhouse.

Greenhouse design ideas with old windows and doors

old doors greenhouseImage Source : gardengrapevine.com

If you have just remodeled your house, you are bound to be left with scraps that you would need to throw. If you have left over glass panels or old doors, put them into use by making your very own green house. It is not the size that matters, but the fact that you can convert your scraps and leftovers into something useful.

Transform your home into a greenhouse

Some people have taken the different ways to design a Greenhouse into a whole new dimension. They have not just used a small portion or part of their house, but instead transformed their complete house into a greenhouse. You can do the same as well and see how wonderful it feels to live in one.

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