Innovative bathroom ideas you can use for your next remodeling project


Home decor and renovation opens the possibilities to a variety of ideas. You can mix and match or even blend in any theme according to your needs. Just as how it is important to decorate your living room or bedroom, even the bathroom should not be ignored. Through this blog you will get a few innovative bathroom ideas that you can use to give your bathroom a new look.

Creative bathroom ideas using Mirrors


Mirrors are one of the most creative bathroom ideas you can use. Instead of having just a single mirror placed on above the sink, you can consider using mirrors for the shower doors as well. Along with that, you an even choose mirrored flooring tiles to blend in with the entire theme of your bathroom.

Trendy and innovative bathroom ideas with reflective wallpapers

One of the best things about reflective wallpapers is that you do not have to invest too much of money on any other bathroom decor. One idea on this front will be to use gold reflective wallpapers. These sorts of wallpapers are very beautiful to look at and add a glam factor to the overall décor of the bathroom.

Floor to ceiling budget friendly remodeling bathroom ideas

Innovative-bathroom-ideasFor those with small bathrooms, storage facilities can be a big problem. In such cases, you can use the benefit of making floor to ceiling cabinets. For big sized bathrooms, yu can utilize the walls to create a beautiful finish. Choose designs that will help to reduce the largeness look of the bathroom and fill the space up effectively.

Antique theme or inspiration innovative bathroom ideas

People who love the Antique looks will defiantly love this idea. For the bathroom, use an antique looking chest of drawers as a storage space. Similarly, for the mirror, choose an antique designed mirror. Even the accessories like the bathroom faucets or showerheads can have the traditional touch.

Marble and metallic concept for small bathrooms

Innovative-bathroom-ideasThe combination of marble and metal helps to create some of the most innovative bathroom ideas. This will give your bathroom a very modern and elegant look. This theme is one of the most durable bathroom designs you can choose. If you want something different and beautiful, this theme will be just right for you. This concept is also easy to maintain and perfect when you do not have much time on hands to clean.

Turkish panel bathroom sink with glass tiled walls

For those who want stylish but budget friendly remodeling bathroom ideas, you can surely try this one out. For the bathroom sink counter, opt for the Turkish panel and complement it with tiled walls made from glass.

River rock flooring with an all natural theme

Innovative-bathroom-ideasRiver rock flooring gives you a very natural feel. There are many innovative bathroom ideas using this concept. Given the fact that river rocks comes in different shapes and sizes, you can easily blend in different colors, sizes and designs to give your river rock flooring a unique look.

Playing with Turquoise blue and white color concept

The royal look of Turquoise blue has a very beautiful look to it. You can get some of the most innovative bathroom ideas with this color concept. The Turquoise blue and white combination is a very beautiful and refreshing concept.

Ornamental themes for narrow bathrooms


Ornamental themes are unique and different bathroom ideas you can use. There are many ways wherein you can decorate your bathroom. The best thing about such themes is that you can blend it in with any kind of base decor idea for your bathroom. The ornamental theme can be based on a particular concept or just a blend of the various designs that attract you the most.When you’re ready to start your bathroom renovation project be sure to hire a qualified professional to bring your vision to life. Check out the Get Assist app to get in touch with contractors in your area.

Utilize even the smallest space in your bathroom with these storage ideas

Your bathroom storage has to have all the things you need, from your toothbrushes to makeup, cleaning supplies, extra TP, towels, medicine and so on. Bathroom storage can be functional and beautiful, adding to its charm. You can hide all your bathroom essentials in storage which is best for your preferences and needs, and reflects the layout and design of the bathroom. Vanities, medicine cabinets are options you have, but you can use unique storage options to utilize even the smallest space in your bathroom. Here are a few ideas you might find useful:

Wall cabinet

Wall cabinets come in all shapes, colors and designs. You can make one yourself too, which can fit into the space you have. Wall cabinets are very handy to store things of different sizes. They can be very helpful in keeping your bathroom organized. 

Decorative ladders

Decorative ladders save space and look great. You can store anything you don’t mind showing on the ladder space, as it’s not a covered space. Just use it as a place to hang your towels. Wall mounted and freestanding ladders are both available.

Storage tower

Storage towers are vertical storage solutions which can store your towels and other things. They are quite compact and can hold a lot of things. Storage towers can be covered up to half, if you choose, so the lower half can hold cleaning supplies etc.

On top of the toilet storage

This is certainly one of the best ways in which you can add more storage to your bathroom. There are many options available like shelves and racks. Most people don’t use the space over the toilet, but why let this space go to waste. You can put up a cabinet there to increase the visual appeal. For this, you can choose from contemporary, modern and traditional styles.

Bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities spruce up the whole area, but you should select a model which does not take up too much space and doesn’t get in the way of traffic. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can buy one which can be placed by the wall. Buying a vanity with a countertop can do double duty as you use the top to put some decorative pieces or your makeup box. Some vanities come with a sink, which is great, but they usually have limited storage. On the other hand, the best option, if you have both space and budget, is to buy an intricately worked vanity with a sink and countertop.

For your master bathroom, you can buy a vanity with two sinks, which has a cabinet with drawers.

Door organizer

The back of your door is another efficient way to store things, especially if your bathroom is tiny. Basic designs have hanging baskets to store your things in, but there are some which include towel rods and hooks where you can hang your towels. Door organizers for cabinet doors are also available, which can keep your things hidden from view.

Medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets are invaluable – they can be recessed, surface mounted and corner cabinets. Select the one which matches your bathroom style, but if you want to make use of every bit of space, you should go for a corner cabinet.

Makeup organizer

If you like wearing makeup, chances are you are going to buy it. You might have quite a collection of different makeup items, and it’s tough to store them in an organized manner. This is when you invest in a makeup organizer. Some models have built-in mirrors with lighting that hide your makeup, while others display it.

Wall shelves, cabinets, vanities and so on, are bathroom storage solutions which can store all your things, utilizing even the smallest spaces in your bathroom.

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