Tips for adding Feng Shui to Your Home

Adding Feng Shui to Your Home

Adding Feng Shui to Your Home

If your work day brings stress and exhaustion, the time you spend at home is critical to your well being. Not only should your environment be comfortable, but it should improve your mental and physical health.  For a total experience that brings harmony and peace to your home, consider the benefits of a Feng Shui design.

When Feng Shui is present, your home has good energy that rejuvenates and revitalizes your mind and body. It is nourishing and vibrant, creating a positive impact on your mood and spirit.  The good news about this design is the many applications it can have across your household floor plan and décor.

The Bedroom

The BedroomSince the main feature of a bedroom is the bed itself, start with your choice of lines, accessories, design and comfort. For optimal encouragement of natural energy, use eco-friendly fabrics and materials, like the Cariloha bed pillow. The bamboo elements of this pillow are considered lucky and bring a radiant energy to a Feng Shui design.

The other textured elements, such as flooring or draperies, should mirror the soothing tones of skin-colored elements, varying from white to a rich dark brown. The lighting should be set to increase mood and sensuality, and installing a dimmer switch can help control how much exposure is received.

Avoid things like technology and work in the bedroom. Promoting an environment of rest and comfort means removing all negative energy from the room.  Keeping negative energy out also includes trapping good energy inside the room. By closing closet doors, the bathroom door, and the main door to your bedroom, you can insulate your bedroom with positive energy.

The Entryway

As you make your way to the front door and into the foyer, are there big trees or items blocking your way? Is positive energy getting trapped by the clutter of shoes, baskets, recycling bins, or oversized furniture? The moment you step foot on your property and work your way towards the door is where your Feng Shui should begin.

Creating a welcoming spacefor harmony and peace will help it spread through the rest of the home more easily. Direct the energy towards a flow that moves throughout the house. Avoid obstructive furniture or clutter, and keep doors closed to closets, basements, or other negative energy spots.

The Kitchen

The KitchenThe kitchen is included in the Feng Shui trinity, as one of the three most important spaces in the house. So much occurs in the kitchen that is important to capitalize on good energy and leave guests with a dose that they will carry to other areas. Good color choices should be in the white, grey, or blue families, which encourage tranquility. Grow an indoor herb garden for color, improved air quality, and healthy eating. Create a logical flow between appliances and remove clutter from countertops, the island, or table. The space should speak to connections with each other and the elements of harmony.

A Feng Shui home design promotes the healing and strengthening of mind and body. It capitalized on good energy and works to remove any negative presence. This home décor style can lift your mood and create a more harmonious living space that is both beautiful and functional.

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