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Things to Consider When Getting a Pond Pump

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Getting a Pond Pump

You may think picking a new pond pump is as simple as going to a store and buying one, but there’s a few things you should research and consider before you jump to buying one. You need to know the size of your pond, the vegetation and wildlife it contains, and your budget to find the right pond pump for you in the sea of varieties available. Through this article, we’ll help ensure you’re fully prepared before you purchase your new pond pump.

The Size of Your Pond

Getting a Pond Pump

The type of pump you choose will largely depend on the size of your pond. Ideally, the water should cycle the pond and through the filter a minimum of once every couple of hours. You should purchase a pond pump that has the ability to do this. For example, if you have a pond that holds 500 gallons of water, you’d want to find a pump with a 250 GPH, meaning it will pump 250 gallons of water per hour. Keep in mind waterfalls, fountains, or streams may change the size of pump you choose to go with.

The Life in Your Pond

Both the plant life and animal life in your pond will play a role in your decision. Certain vegetation and fish don’t thrive in environments with pumps, and others tend to do well with only specific types of ponds. You’ll want to do your research and make sure the pond pumps you have in mind aren’t going to harm your pond life. This can be done easily online or some of the stores you go to may have a helpful employee that knows what recommendations to make.

Types of Pumps Available

Getting a Pond Pump

There are two classes of pond pumps to choose from: external and submersible, with submersible typically being the preferred for ponds. The type of pump you end up going with will depend on those things previously mentioned in the article. There are a wide variety of types of pumps from which you can choose. It may take time and a fair bit of research but finding the ideal pump for you is more than possible.

Before you jump into purchasing a new pond pump, there’s quite a few things you should research and consider. While this may sound more daunting than you had hoped, it’s well worth it to get the right pump for you. When you go to purchase your pond pump, you should have with you the GPH capacity that’s right for the size of your pond, the type of pond pump you’re interested in, and the type of vegetation and wildlife contained within your pond, in case the pump could be a problem.

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