The High Cost of Ignoring Chimney Damage

High Cost of Ignoring Chimney Damage

Fireplaces and chimneys are beautiful elements of homeownership, but if they aren’t cared for properly, they can quickly lead to significant damage to your home. Neglecting needed repairs now can lead to much more expensive problems later, including the destruction of your home due to fire and severe water damage to your house.


fire hazard

Some kinds of damage you don’t see or may not realize are problems; these can lead to a fire in your chimney. Once there is a fire in the chimney, it will spread quickly because a chimney and fireplace are designed to keep a fire roaring in the fireplace, not quench it. The most common problem leading to fire is a damaged chimney liner. This allows easily combustible soot and creosote to build up on the inside walls. It also lets the interior temperature of the chimney to increase dramatically, another fire hazard. Not repairing a damaged liner now may mean having to replace it entirely later. Worse, your home could catch fire.

Severe Masonry Damage

If you see white stains on the bricks, water dripping into the fireplace, or rust anywhere inside your fireplace, there is moisture trapped within either the mortar or the bricks themselves. Mortar damage usually occurs first and can be fixed relatively inexpensively if addressed early. If not, the missing mortar allows water to seep into the bricks, where it will expand and contract, damaging them.

It’s much more expensive to replace the whole chimney than to have the mortar replaced or tipped before more extensive work is needed. If the bricks are flaking or you see pieces of the brick around the chimney, you’re already looking at extensive repairs. If your chimney is damaged, consult with a professional company like Brickworks Property Restoration to minimize or reverse the damage without breaking the bank.

Foundation Damage

home's chimney

When you see stairstep cracks in your home’s chimney, it’s crucial that you have it repaired. These cracks are often a sign of the foundation settling. The longer you wait to repair the foundation and the chimney, the more expensive and time-consuming the repairs. 

Interior Wall Damage

While most people don’t realize it, a leaky or improperly lined chimney can lead to problems with the interior walls of your home. Excessive moisture in the chimney can seep into the walls, causing stains and damaging drywall and wallpaper. If the chimney liner isn’t working correctly, too much heat can build up and cause heat combustion within the walls of your home. The cost of these repairs can be major compared to the cost of keeping the chimney in good working order.

If you suspect chimney problems, talk to a professional masonry company or chimney sweep before minor problems become major ones.

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