5 Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible

Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible

Nowadays, when building or renovating a home, we want to guarantee that not only are we creating a space that looks good, but also one that will be inclusive to everyone. Around one billion people worldwide (15% of the global population) live with some form of disability, so it’s crucial to ensure that your home is accessible for all visitors and inhabitants, each with their own unique set of needs.

The five tips below will allow you to create a new home or renovate your existing one to a standard that will future-proof your house for all visitors and potential future buyers.

1.  Remote Controlled Appliances

Robot vacuum cleaner

Remote controlled appliances such as light switches and blinds can be useful to those who can’t access switches placed high on the wall.

Home automation technology is now widely available and oftentimes a mobile phone can be used as the remote control system, making it all the simpler!

2.  Service Lifts & Stairlifts

Think service lifts and dumbwaiters are only for workplaces? Think again! Installing a service lift in your home can bring these benefits as well as generally making household chores more efficient and adding value to your home for a future sale.

Stairlifts can also prove incredibly useful for helping people move from floor to floor with ease.

3.  Bathroom Tweaks

bathroom handrail

The bathroom can be a tricky room to navigate for people with disabilities. Make your bathroom more accessible by adding handrails or safety frames to the sides of the toilet in order to support balance and allow people to move independently around the bathroom.

Installing non-slip flooring or mats is another great adjustment you can make to ensure your bathroom is safe for all. Tiles can be very slippery when wet, so non-slip flooring protects all visitors to your bathroom and is the best way to avoid accidents and falls.

4.  Doorways & Furniture

There’s no use in having accessible rooms if you can’t actually access them through the door! Widening doorways to allow for wheelchair users to enter is a great way to make your home more wheelchair-friendly.

Also worth your consideration is the space you leave between your furniture – these gaps should be wide enough to let through a wheelchair or other support equipment. By simply tweaking the placement of some key items, you can transform your home into one that’s easy to navigate for all.

5.  Automatic Door Opening Systems

Automatic Door Opening System

Automatic doors can be game-changing for people who struggle with or can’t reach regular handles, as well as wheelchair users who can use this automation to pass through a door without stopping. At the touch of a button – whether this be on your smartphone, a remote or on the wall – you can open and close the doors in your property with ease.

These are just five of the ways you can make your home as accessible as possible – but, of course there are many more options you can consider. An investment in making your house a more accessible and inclusive environment is always worthwhile.

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