Spy mobile apps for better customer service

A good customer service is essential for the growth of any business. But how do you know whether your employees are performing their duties perfectly to provide customer satisfaction. How do you know whether an employee is working properly in the workplace? Now you can keep these questions aside because you now can get your hands on Hoverwatch, the spy tracker app.

Installation and monitoring

Hoverwatch is a spy mobile app which can be used to monitor other people’s mobile phone. This app supports Android devices. Once installed, the stealth option will make it invisible and the host won’t even know it’s there in the mobile. The user doesn’t have to root the phone or the tablet for installing the software. This app has a separate dashboard for PC through which you can get the information of the host’s device.

Features of the app

The spy app enables you to record and access the call details of the employee, you can know all the call details and various other information that they shared on a particular call. This also includes the duration, time and date; even location of the call made can be accessed by the employer. This is also helpful for an employer to know if his/her workers are providing the necessary support to the company’s customer. You can also get to know the tone that is used during the conversation and the way the customer was treated. This allows the employer to take necessary actions regarding the outcome.

The spy app can also track the messages and record them too. Thus there will be recorded evidence if the employee is passing any confidential information to others in their workplace or outside. This app can also track messages send through social media applications like Whatsapp, Viber and Snapchat. It records all content that is shared through these platforms. So next time if the employee is caught doing something that he or she should not within the office hours, you can decide what course of action can be taken. Hoverwatch can also access the front camera of the device whenever someone unlocks it. This will be also helpful to know how frequently the mobile is used and also to identify the thief incase the target phone is stolen.

Hoverwatch app can also track the internet history of the host’s phone and take screenshots if needed. So if an employee is visiting any NSFW websites at the workplace, the employer will come to know about it. It can also track the calendar and the to-do list of the phone to make sure that the employee is keeping his tasks as per time. This app can also save all the contacts in the phone which can be used for future reference purpose.

With the help of the location finder service on mobile spy app or geo location, the employer can find out the location of the worker. This feature is helpful in companies which are doing delivery service to the customers. Employee tracking through the mobile spy app will help the employer to know where the employee has been to during the work. Through geo location services, the time and location of the worker can be collected by the employer in real-time. Whenever you have doubt if an employee is running late for deliveries or to work, the employer can know the whereabouts of his location.

With all these features, the employer can know whether their employees are working properly or not, also through this app employer can ensure a better customer service. Hoverwatch manufacturers also are into employee monitoring softwares and key logging service. Hoverwatch is from the makers of the famous monitoring software maker Refog.

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