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As You Age, Prepare for the Unexpected

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Ready to take on the challenges of life? Keen to stay on top of the potential problems life can bring? Below are a variety of tips that will help you staying informed, allowing you to focus on the important things:

 Preparing for Retirement


For most Americans, the concept of retirement planning is becoming more and more familiar in the workplace. 401(k) plans have become the most common defined contribution retirement plans in the US, and while there are exemptions to the general rule that withdrawing money early results in a penalty, most exemptions apply to other types of retirement plans. With the 401 (k) plan, however, there are times when you can withdraw money from the fund without incurring a penalty. For example, if you have medical bills that cost more than 10% of your adjusted gross income, or if you are an individual with a permanent disability, you can withdraw from the account without having to worry about being penalized.

55 years old is the standard age given for retirement when you undertake a 401 (k) plan, but under certain circumstances you can retire sooner. The ‘separation from service’ rule allows you to retire after the age of 55 and receive your funds. There is also an option where you can agree to the withdrawal of funds based on your life expectancy. Your life expectancy in this instance is calculated by the IRS, and depending on the figures, you might be able to benefit from their SEPP (substantially equal periodic payment) when you opt for this.

Assessing the answers to the top 10 common questions about the 401 (k) retirement plan will help you decide the best route for your retirement plan. If you wish to find out even more, you can read reviews of the best retirement plans and decide which the right one for you is.

Healthcare Costs


healthcare cost

There are innovative ways of saving money on healthcare costs, and one of them may surprise you. Research has shown that people who look after their teeth have lower overall healthcare costs. This is because badly-maintained teeth result in gum disease, and gum disease is associated with a number of illnesses including heart disease and diabetes. A study released by Highmark, Inc. and United Concordia (medical insurance providers) showed that patients who got treatment for their gum disease had reduced annual medical costs for their other illness. The participants in the study had at least one of the following medical conditions: type 2 diabetes, cerebral vascular disease, and coronary artery disease with or without pregnancy.

Looking after your teeth is much cheaper than costly hospital visits, so if you have one of the diseases associated with gum disease, sort out your gums first and the rest will follow suit.

Home Repairs


Home repairs can potentially cause a lot of stress and are often expensive. Before you panic, however, there are plenty of ways of finding out what common home repairs cost and how to budget for them. Mold removal is a common issue in many houses. However, removing it doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive. Experts can determine the type of mold your house has and whether it is dangerous. Mold removal and remediation isn’t always necessary, as there are hundreds of thousands of different molds, many of which aren’t dangerous. Sure, mold can be unsightly, but unless it’s dangerous, you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands to remove it.

Water systems are another common household repair. Hot water heater repair, for example, doesn’t only stop your water running cold when you take your morning shower; it also improves the general mechanics of the system. Repairing your hot water heater improves its efficiency, meaning that your water will not only stay hot for longer, but you will also use less energy doing so. You’ll notice the monthly savings when your electricity bill arrives!

Look After Yourself

 Exercise regularly

Men and women alike experience a lot of physiological changes as they grow older. A lot of these changes are tied in directly to a sedentary lifestyle. Experts have studied the effects of exercise on aging in depth, and many results suggest that exercise can drastically reduce the signs of aging. Weight training, for example, strengthens the bones. Strong bones play a key role in keeping our bodies strong. Women in particular, are prone to osteoporosis as they get older. Osteoporosis is more commonly known as ‘brittle bone disease’. If you have osteoporosis and fall, the fall is much more serious because the bones are weak (brittle) and break easily. This means that a clumsy accident that would have little effect without osteoporosis can result in broken bones.

Exercise isn’t the only way to delay the body’s biological clock, as herbal anti-aging remedies are another way of looking after yourself properly as you get older. The ingredients in such remedies help boost the skin, joints, hair, and nails, meaning that you will look a lot younger than the date on your birth certificate!

It’s important to take care of yourself and think about the future, but always remember to live life to the fullest, and enjoy life in the moment too.

Now that you’ve considered some of the useful tips above, it’s time to forget all of your worries and remember that even though unpredictable things happen, you can always be mentally prepared for anything that comes your way.

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