Money Saving Tech Items for Modern Homes

As the costs of household bills climb, homeowners are searching for new and innovative ways to save money. Tech firms have come to the rescue, launching exciting products such as these, which are designed to slash household expenses and make saving money easier.

Smart Thermostats Intuitively Cut Heating and Cooling Bills


Smart thermostats take heating and cooling into the digital age, using smart technology to operate your HVAC system only when you need it. Smart sensors within the devices monitor temperature, humidity levels, and even movements both inside and outside your home to keep your rooms at the perfect temperature.

Because these devices are Wi-Fi–enabled, you can operate and adjust them via an app on your Smartphone. This means you need never worry about leaving your HVAC system running while you’re out, and you can switch on the thermostat just before you get home so that your home is comfortable for you on your arrival. Some Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostats and other devices even learn your habits and switch on and off depending on when you’re home. Smart thermostat apps also analyze your system in real time, allowing you to see when you use the most power and adjust your habits accordingly.

Some devices, such as the Cor programmable thermostat, also alert you when you should change your filter or schedule maintenance, making sure your system runs efficiently. On average, the Cor thermostat helps households cut their heating and cooling costs by 20 percent.

Smart Power Strips Turn Off Computer Peripherals


Most of us think we’re making a relatively green choice when we leave our appliances and gadgets in standby mode. Although they certainly use less power than they would during operation, it might surprise you to learn that appliances and gadgets in standby mode account for between 5 and 10 percent of household power bills. Smart power strips can help you stop wasting that energy and your money.

Simply plug your computer into the smart power strip’s control outlet and its peripherals into the other outlets. Then whenever you power off your computer, the smart power strip will turn off your printer, speakers, monitors, and other attached items. Smart power strips are so inexpensive that you’re likely to make your investment back in just 60 days.

Wi-Fi–Enabled Sprinkler Control Systems Cut Water Bills

Grass sprinkler

Power isn’t the only precious commodity that households should conserve to save money. Water bills can also take a serious chunk from household budgets. A large percentage of water bills come from maintaining a lush green lawn and beautiful gardens. You can reduce this cost by investing in a Wi-Fi–enabled sprinkler system.

Schedule watering times and amounts via the sprinkler system’s app and let it take care of the rest. These units also receive local weather forecasts and override your schedule when it rains, so you don’t overwater. This clever feature is ideal when you’re traveling, because you know you’ll return to lawns looking their best. A Rachio, one of the best-selling smart sprinkler control systems, can cut water bills by up to 50 percent.

You needn’t stress next time your household bills arrive. With these clever devices in and around your home, your bills are likely to be far less than you’re used to.

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