Styling Up Your Home, The Family Friendly Way

Having the best-looking home is everyone’s dream but one important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that it should also take care of the needs of the family. A home which houses a huge family but has less storage space does not make sense, isn’t it? Always make sure that you opt for family-friendly design.

  1. Handle the storage issues with smart furniture


One of the major concerns for any family is storage space. In the first place try to limit the storage. Keep only those things that are essential. At the same time make use of smart furniture which will add up to the style quotient and will also take care of the storage needs. For example, instead of a coffee table, you can buy a flip top table wherein you can store cushion covers and blankets.

  1. Do not misuse the storage space

If you are stacking up your huge cabinets with photo frames and accessories, then you need to reorganize things. Things that are used only during a particular season can be placed on the loft. Every member can have his or her own basket where they can put in the things that they need every day. Instead of having a dedicated cupboard for books you can have a multipurpose book shelf which has space for your music system as well as your television.

  1. Cleaning should be easy

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Make use of removable covers for the sofa and chairs. So all you need to do is remove the covers and wash them. Also, make sure that you have atleast two to three sets of covers. In the case of rugs make sure that they are made from a material that can be cleaned easily. Similarly, even the curtains should be easy to clean. If possible, opt for darker shades of furnishings so that you do not need to wash them on a daily basis.

  1. Safety is of utmost importance

Safety of each and every family member is important. Therefore, make sure that the furniture does not have any nasty pointed edges. The wiring should be proper and there should not be any exposed cables. If there are kids in the house, keep the electrical outlets closed.Sharp items, things made out of glass etc should be out of reach of small children.

  1. Be ready to manage disasters


There will be few damages and things are going to get stained. So be prepared to manage these damages. Stain removers and wipes are a must for every home. You should be prepared for minor touch ups of the paint on your wall. Most important thing is that you have to learn to ignore some damages.

  1. Use of durable material

You may have a liking for delicate things but if you have children running around the house then these delicate things are not going to have a long life. Go in for durable materials which are sturdy and will last longer. You can make use of an outdoor rug inside the house as it is made from tough material and it is easy to clean.

  1. Intelligent use of space


If you have a small house, you can go in for an open kitchen so that it looks big. You can design the kids room in such a way that there is space for them to study and during leisure time the table can be folded and the study area becomes their play are.

While decorating your home take into account the needs of all the family members. It is of utmost importance that your home not only looks aesthetically beautiful but it must also have a family friendly design.

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