How To Keep Your Internet Costs Low

Keep Your Internet Costs Low

If you are like the majority of the people around the world, the internet is essential to your daily life. Whether it is mapping your route to work, talking to old friends, keeping up with media trends, or contacting your parents once a week, you probably use the internet. While some states charge more than others for internet services, the costs are often still relatively expensive, no matter where individuals live, if they are on a tight budget. Here are five ways you can keep your internet costs low.

1. Bundle

internet packageThe Internet is like anything else when it comes to a consumer-driven product, so if you want something from a company you have to ask. If you have a cable service, ask the provider if a bundle or package is available that will allow you to save money. Some services bundle internet service with cable, while others ask for a 2 to 3-year commitment. Beware of the sales sweet-talkers, however. If the salesperson can convince you to spend an extra $20 on premium service, higher speed, or more channels, it will defeat the purpose of trying to save money in the first place.

2. Negotiate

If you want to put some pressure on your internet service provider because you believe you are paying the most for internet, negotiate your plan with them, but don’t make idle threats that you aren’t prepared to carry out. If you let the company know you want a lower bill or you will leave to join a competitor, and the service won’t lower your bill, if you don’t cancel your service, you play into the service provider’s hands. Make sure you actually know of a better deal than the one you have before you tell your service you do and check out deals that carriers provide new customers for the best contracts available.

3. Government

low-incomeMany people are unaware of the government’s program that offers subsidies for those individuals that have a low income of approximately 135 percent of the national poverty guidelines. The program allows a monthly stipend to help with the purchase of broadband internet for qualified individuals. You should seek more information about the service if you are at or below that income level.

4. Speed

While it is always fun to have the fastest speed available when it comes to the internet if you need to save a few dollars, why not cut back on your high-speed and take it down a level or two. Studies show that reducing your speed could save you over $35 a month in costs, depending on which carrier you have. Professionals agree that most homes only need a standard service of 18 Mbps unless there is gaming in the household, and then a 30 Mbps speed may be required for fluid screen action.

No matter how much you are paying for internet service, if you want to keep your internet costs low, try using the four tips above to find out if you can lower your monthly bill. If you save $20 a month, the savings over a year will provide you with enough to buy yourself a great Christmas present!

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