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How Home Improvement Can Inspire Life Improvement

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Home Improvement

Often when people discuss home renovations they speak of improving efficiency, updating overall style or increasing the home’s value. But there is more to it than that. A change in one aspect of your life can inspire changes in other areas; improving your home can improve your life.

Improved Surroundings, Improved State Of Mind

Home ImprovementHumans are sensitive to their surroundings, which is partly why people spend so much time, money and effort on their homes. Naturally, a home needs to provide security and physical comfort, but people also look to their homes for psychological comfort. Renovate your home so that it feels familiar but also invigorating, and you will reduce your stress and improve your mood on a daily basis. Some studies even show that a more pleasant environment can boost the function of your immune system.

New Home, New Job


Unfortunately, knowing you want to renovate and being able to pay for it are two very different things. Credit cards have high interest rates, but home equity loans put your home at risk.  Paying cash is best, but few people can foot the bill out of savings alone. At any given moment, at least 5% of Americans have a second job; join their ranks and you can earn extra money to pay cash for your renovations.

If you don’t love your current job, forego looking for a second job; instead, transition into a better one altogether. This may be an ideal opportunity to try out a new career. Look for something that will offer not just better pay but full benefits, a flexible schedule, autonomy and a better overall work environment. Consider north dakota hauling jobs which will yield opportunities, including employee housing—which will prove extremely useful during the period of time your home is unlivable due to renovation chaos.

More Confidence: Check!

Home ImprovementRenovating a home is a huge project and involves developing skills you may not have used in ages. From the start of the project to the end, you will find yourself researching, engineering, budgeting, solving problems, multitasking and managing contractors. You will be creative, perhaps even artistic, and discover new talents that inspire you to try new hobbies. Completing the renovation successfully will give you a confidence boost that translates to just about every area of your life. Moreover, dealing with contractors, taking classes for the DIY portions of the remodel and reaching out for advice on online forums can help you expand your social circle. That may be your new home’s best accessory: new friends.

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