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Exterior Renovation: Tips and Tricks to Consider

by Dr Prem Community Writer

Whether you’re looking to put your home on the market or simply want a change for yourself, renovating the exterior of your home could be the solution. Exterior renovation can increase curb appeal, and depending on the type of renovation done, it can update a style to make an older home align with current trends. Projects can be as small as changing the exterior paint or as involved as building a new backyard deck. Once the right exterior remodeling CentennialColorado business is found, they can place you on the path to the renovation style of your dreams.

Curb Appeal

Curb-Appeal.Curb appeal is real estate language for the initial impression of a home. This can be influenced by the landscaping or windows. By focusing on these areas, small changes can create a big difference in the aesthetic of a home. Add well-placed blooming greenery to bring pops of color to your home without picking up a paintbrush. If your current shrubbery is overgrown, make sure to trim it down as not to cover windows and walkways. As for windows, changing smaller windows to a bay-style can add more dimension to your home, making it appear more modern. Changing the windows to a more open style not only improves the look from the outside, but you have the added benefit of more natural lighting.

A Touch of Paint

Sometimes a renovation starts with changing the exterior paint. A fresh paint job can bring new life to paint that has become dull with age. The colors you choose should complement the style of your home. For example, if your home has a Victorian architectural style, it is recommended to stick to darker shades. While a full exterior paint job can spice up a home, you can also get the same effect by adding bold accent colors to your doors, shutters, and trims.

Renovate the Roof

Renovate-the-RoofMuch like changing a hairstyle, changing an old roof can give a house a different appearance. There are a variety of options when it comes to the style and material of roof designing. Architectural shingles provide more versatility than the asphalt shingles of the past. Modern concrete tile designs are available, and metal is an option if you’re looking for a bolder appearance. Much like when updating windows; changing the roof of a home can also provide energy benefits as recent roofing material can reflect UV light and keep the home cooler.

When thinking about updates to your current home, exterior renovation can provide a change without requiring any adjustments within the four walls.

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