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5 Smart Home Gadgets that You Must Add to Your New Home

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Smart lock for your home

Buying yourself your dream home is a great achievement. Maybe you even lucked out and landed a great agenton an MLS site like Movoto.com, which made the process easy and seamless. Now you are thinking about decorating and upgrading your new house. We live in a digital age, and just as you upgrade your phone or laptop, you can consider upgrading your home with these smart devices. They will not only make your life easier, but they will also impress your friends.

1. Smart WiFi Air Fryer

Smart WiFi Air Fryer

An Air Fryer is a convection oven placed on a countertop. They have gained popularity as a healthier alternative to a deep fryer allowing you to use up to 85% less oil. This is good for your cholesterol and your blood pressure levels. This particular product can also be used to prepare regular foods such as chicken roast, steaks, and vegetables. If you connect it to the VeSync app or Alexa, you can control it from anywhere, and you will be alerted when your food is ready. It comes programmed with 11 original presets for expert cooking. It has a nonstick surface, meaning foods leave a little residue, which comes in handy when you need to clean. If your goal is to eat healthily, yet you don’t know where to start, it also comes with a complimentary recipe book, so you know where to start.

2. Philips Hue

Philips Hue

Ever bumped your toe on the way to your bed after switching off the lights? With this bulb, you won’t have to worry about that or knocking over the glass of water next to your bed. Get into bed and ask Alexa to switch off the lights for you. You can change the color of the bulb or dim it depending on your mood and preferences. You can also control the lights when you are away from home.

3. Smart Bed

Smart Bed

What is a smart bedroom without a smart bed? They are in the infancy stage, but you can pick from a variety of features when selecting a smart bed.

  • Sleep tracking – They can be featured with a single sheet of ‘smart fabric’ or have multiple sensors all over the bed. The point is to track things such as your respiration, restfulness, heartbeat, and pressure to give you a comfortable night’s rest
  • Temperature control – whether you desire a cool surface to sleep on or a warm one, these beds have got you covered. They are integrated with a built-in thermostat that allows you or the bed to regulate the temperature of the mattress while sleeping
  • Pressure sensors – They are fitted with inflated air tubes inside the mattress, allowing you to adjust your body posture while you sleep. Sometimes, these air tubes can be controlled remotely from the app
  • Position control –Some beds have been designed to use an app or a remote to physically change the inclination of a part of the bed such as the head or the leg area while the rest of the bed remains flat
  • Self-making – This is for those who hate making beds. It is not a very common feature, but some mattresses have been designed so that metal rails are connected to the sheets, and they smooth them over the mattress.

An example is Sleep Number 360°, which warms your bed for you before you enter, lets you pick how firm the side of the bed you want to sleep in should be, and sends you a sleep score every morning.

4. Smart Bedroom lighting

Smart Bedroom lighting

A lot of research has been conducted on sleep. Research shows that when the sun rises, your body produces serotonin, which regulates your feeling well-being. This is the science behind the use of dawn simulators as alarms. You set your alarm to the time you want to wake up, and the simulator or lamp gradually begins to brighten the room to mimic the sunrise. This is a way of stimulating your body to wake you naturally rather than jarring you awake with a loud alarm tone. It is particularly useful during winter when you cannot get enough sunlight from your windows. An example is this Philips wake-up light.

5. Smart lock for your home

Smart lock for your home

A padlock will not let you know that someone tried to enter your home, but an intelligent lock will. They have various accessibility options from keypads, biometric scanners, voice command, a mobile app, and even a traditional key. Some allow you to set up access schedules, so you feel safe if you know you won’t be home for a while or if someone is coming to water your plants at a specific time. Many are built with IFTTT channels that allow them to trigger other devices, such as an alarm, when someone makes an unauthorized entry.

Smart gadgets allow you to control your devices from wherever you are. Many are being tailor-made to be compatible with both Apple and Android systems. Improve how you interact with your home by investing in smart devices today.

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