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5 Signs It Is Time for Heat Pump Repair

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Heat Pump Repair

A heat pump is a critical component in any home’s HVAC system. It can be used to take cold air from outside to bring warm air inside, and it can be used to remove hot air inside and disperse it outside. It is a useful component people benefit from all year long. That is why it is so important to get it replaced when it breaks down too much. Keep an eye out for the following signs, so you do not have to feel uncomfortable any time of year in your own home.

1. Reduced Cooling or Heating

Heat Pump Repair

When it becomes excessively hot or cold outside, you likely turn on the AC system to make things more bearable indoors. When it is hot outside, you want cold air coming through the air conditioner, which is why you should take note of reduction in quality. You can put your hand up to the vent to see how cold the air is really getting. Air will still come through, but if seems way off from the temperature you want, then you need to make repairs.

2. Odd Noises

One obvious sign your HVAC system requires repairs is that you will hear strange sounds coming from the system. It may sound as though there is gurgling or hissing within the unit. These noises can come from a lot of different components. Air bubbles may be getting caught within the refrigerant line, or the air handler motor overheats. Either way, you want to get a professional to look at it. Strange noises indicate the problem probably is not too severe, but you want to fix it before it gets worse.

3. Increased Power Bills

Heat Pump Repair

One sign you will definitely take note of is a sharp increase in your monthly electric bills. After living in a house for a few years, you should have a good understanding of how much you often pay each month. If that deviates at all, then you need to track down the culprit. When an HVAC system starts breaking down, the parts have to work harder to provide the inside of the home with air. This results in more costly bills.

4. Old Age

Even if there are no signs your heat pump is degrading, it may still be a good idea to get a new one before it does break down completely. Many heat pumps are designed to last between 10 and 15 years. After the 15-year mark, you will be better off replacing the pump as soon as you can. If you really want to know whether you should get a new pump, then you should have a professional look at it. An expert can tell you how many more years you can get out of a current part.

5. Icing

In terms of the signs for a heat pump repair, icing is rather rare. However, it has been known to happen, and it should be addressed immediately. Ice forms as a result of refrigerant leaks or insufficient airflow. Many homeowners discover ice and do not think it is a big deal because the HVAC unit is supposed to cool down their homes. However, icing needs to be removed promptly or else it could spread to other components.

When you first call a professional technician out to your home, he or she will see if the part can be repaired. It may be so far gone that no repairs can salvage it, and this is when you simply need to get a new one installed. Always listen to the advice of your technician. If a professional tells you to replace a heat pump, then you should do it. Repairs may no longer provide the benefits they used to.

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