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5 Modern Roofing Design Options

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Modern Roofing Design Options

Replacing the roof is not something most homeowners look forward to, but if you’re already in that position, why not choose a new type of roof and give your home a more modern look? When considering roofing Cambridge homeowners have several options that will give their house an updated style and provide them with the best protection possible.Here are five modern roofing designs that will improve the curb appeal of your house.

1. Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

At one point, metal roofing was reserved for barns and commercial buildings, but more and more residential homeowners are choosing metal roofing because of its many benefits. Not only will metal roofing last much longer than traditional shingles, but it also is easier to maintain. You’re also not limited to just flat metal panels, either. Nearly every roofing design and color imaginable can be made out of metal, and you can even find metal that looks like traditional shingles!

2. Solar Tiles

The environment is a major concern for many homeowners, which is why solar tiles are becoming a more popular roofing design. Solar collectors are integrated directly into the shingles and are capable of generating up to 1 kilowatt of energy per 100 square feet. Obviously, these roofs are most effective in areas that get a lot of sun, so if you have a home that gets direct sunlight for several hours every day, most days of the week, this option could be perfect for you.

3. Clay Tiles

Clay Tiles

You can’t match the charm and personality that come from a clay tile roof. Many Spanish-style homes have clay roofs, so if you’re looking to add some Latin flare to your house, clay tiles are an excellent choice. These roofs will last quite a bit longer than asphalt shingles, as well, so longevity is another reason to choose this option. Keep in mind, though, they can become brittle and break if you walk on them, which can hinder roof repairs.

4. Green Roofs

Another way that homeowners are using their homes to benefit the environment is by installing green roofs. These are roofs that are covered with plants and help improve air quality, provide additional insulation, and minimize water runoff. These roofs require additional preparation, but the benefits and unique look are attractive, especially to young people who are very aware of how their lives impact the world around them. When properly prepared and installed, these roofs can last as long as 40 years.

5. Rubber Slate

Rubber Slate

Rubber roofs have extremely longevity, lasting for as many as 100 years, and these days, rubber is becoming more popular for roofs because it can be cut to fit highly intricate roof designs. For example, Victorian houses have many nooks and crannies that add character to the home, but can be hard to shingle. Rubber slate, which can be ordered in a variety of colors, is easily trimmed to fit any area on any roof.


Just because your former roof was made from traditional asphalt shingles doesn’t mean your new one has to follow suit. There are numerous modern options available to make your house the talk of the neighborhood — in a good way! Talk to a professional roofer to determine which material is best for your needs and then, make a modern change!

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