3 Helpful Tips for Your First Move

Helpful Tips for Your First Move

Moving is one of the most stressful experiences for people around the world. Whether you own a home and are relocating to a new one or moving into your first apartment, there is a considerable amount of prepping and planning that must be done before hiring a company like Black Tie Moving to box up and move all of your belongings. If you’re preparing for your very first move, here are a few tips for making the process as simple as possible.

1.  Be Realistic About Finances

One of the most stressful components of any move is the expense. From paying for a moving company to putting down the down payment on your new place, moving can be pricey. Unfortunately, moving is even more expensive than many people anticipate, leaving them struggling financially for months following a move. To avoid this and to ensure that you are able to stay on track with your financial goals even while relocating, be sure to take the time to evaluate your finances and to be realistic about whether or not you can afford to move at a given time.

2.  Declutter Before Packing

Packing up your old space and preparing to head to a new one is a stressful and time consuming process. One way to make the process of packing easier is to take the time to declutter your space before packing up your belongings. From furniture to toys to clothing, sorting through unneeded items and donating them to a local charity or thrift store (or throwing them away) can limit the amount of items you need to spend time packing – and can also help to free up space in your new home!

3.  Purchase Items After a Move

If you need important items like furniture or appliances for your new space, it can be tempting to purchase them in advance out of excitement – or out of anxiety about needing these items. The truth is, however, that purchasing these items all at once can be expensive, and purchasing them before heading to your space only increases the number of items that you need to move. Waiting until you move into your space can make it easier to complete your move, and breaking up when you buy a number of expensive items can lessen the financial burden for you and your family.

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