3 Easy Tips for Post-Christmas Cleanup

Easy Tips for Post-Christmas Cleanup

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for many families around the country. After months of decorating, shopping, baking, and preparing to have the most festive Christmas celebration possible, the process of cleaning up and getting back to your everyday life can be overwhelming. Whether you feel sadness or relief that the hectic holiday season is over, there is no denying that you likely feel some type of dread or anxiety about cleaning up decorations and getting your home back to normal, especially in the midst of a busy schedule when returning to work with a company like hsi.com. While there is not much you can do to ease the burden of cleaning up decorations after the holidays, there are ways to make the task of doing so more bearable.  Keep reading to learn a few simple tips for making post-Christmas cleanup a little easier.

1.  Make It Fun

While cleaning up after Christmas might be sad, keeping the holiday spirit going can be helpful when doing so with your family. To lighten the mood and make the task of cleaning up seem more fun, try to play some of your family’s favorite Christmas music and divide up the tasks among different members of your family. This will lessen the amount of work everyone has to do, making each task less stressful.

2.  Handle Lights With Care

One of the most frustrating parts of post-holiday cleanup is dealing with tangled Christmas lights. Be sure to enlist the help of numerous family members to make the task less stressful, and set aside plenty of time to complete this task. Also, try wrapping your Christmas lights around a piece of cardboard to keep them from becoming tangled in storage and to make things easier for yourself next year.

3.  Keep A Box For Donations

If you’ve bought new Christmas decorations throughout the course of this holiday season, it might be time to get rid of older items to make room for their replacements. To keep clutter to a minimum in your home even in the midst of the busy holiday season, keep a box on hand for unneeded items that can be donated after Christmas cleanup is complete. Items such as lights, home decor, small trees, and more that are in good condition can be donated to a local secondhand store or charity.

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