VV Display Shelf: Easy-to-assemble brass and aluminum shelving

Anna Skopenko, from Ready-To-Assemble Furniture Studio at Rhode Island School of Design, has produced the modular VV display shelf. It is easy-to-assemble shelf that’s made from brass and aluminum, and can be taken anywhere you want. You will require no tools to arrange the shelf. Furthermore, you can display it at any desired place – as it requires minimum space and forms an important part of the modern interior.


The challenge was to design a VV display shelf using only two materials that require no other tools to assemble, but rather self-sufficient to form the design.

Idea and Intention

The idea behind creating the VV shelf was to manage the weight distribution and create a perfect balance in the ready to assemble furniture by providing a tension fit connection. Meanwhile, it explores the connection between strength and tension.


Anna derived inspiration to design and produce the VV display shelf through small furniture pieces and interiors that are easy to adjust in accordance to your preference and choice. However, combining materials was also a source of inspiration, as two materials when blended together give an amazing piece of art and design. Combinations of aluminum with wood, concrete with wood and aluminum with brass were taken into consideration. Finally, the aluminum and brass combo found Anna’s approval.

Process Challenges

Many challenges came during the designing process such as dealing with the flexibility of aluminum and creating 60/30 degree angles to give V shape to the product. Furthermore, for having precision in work, jig was created to control the movement of the work piece and the process demanded repetition many times. Lathe, Bridgeport and grinder are the machines used in making the VV shelf possible.

The VV display shelf has a tension fit connection that very well supports heavy weight. You can assemble and disassemble the shelf on your own without needing any tool.

Source : Portfolios.Risd.Edu

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