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Tips for Prepping a Home for Winter

by Dr Prem Community Writer

As winter approaches, it’s important to think about making sure the home is ready for extreme weather. Older and newer homes alike can benefit from prepping for winter weather. Especially in Canada, where winter can be extremely intense, it’s smart to be proactive about keeping the home as safe as possible to prevent further troubles like structural issues or frozen pipe repair. Check out these helpful ways to prep the home for winter.

1. Gutters and Drains

guttersOne of the biggest culprits of winter damage is in the gutters. As the cooler weather starts to set in, the best first step is to clean out the gutters. This is especially critical in fall when leaves and debris begin to really collect along this part of the home. Helpful tools like gutter guards are even on the market now to help reduce this exact problem. When gutters are not confirmed at the correct slope, they run the risk of gathering water and ice during winter storms.

When gutters freeze, many different problems can occur, including broken gutters or dangerous icicles forming. Interestingly, gutters will sometimes freeze fur a surprising reason: when there is too much heat in the attic of the home, ice and snow melt and then refreeze in the gutters. Being aware of this cause and reaction will help set the house at the best temperature.

2. Landscaping

It’s very helpful to remove tree limbs that might be at risk. This tip goes for any extreme weather and certainly applies to winter storms. If tree branches collect too much snow or ice, there is a higher chance that they will break and fall into a home. In blizzard weather, high winds can also blow free debris from the yard into the home. Broken windows in the winter are a worst case scenario, but some basic landscaping and awareness of trees and branches can help prevent such issues.

3. Roof Repair

Roof repairsA major problem to try to avoid in the winter is an ice dam. This is a ridge of ice that forms on the edge of a roof. The worst outcome of an ice dam is a leak making its way into the home. Checking the roof before winter storms, specifically to make sure that shingles are in good shape, will help prevent an ice dam from forming.

4. Windows and Doors

If windows and doors are starting to lean off the hinges or get worn down, it’s best to repair them before winter. Caulking around the edges can make a big difference. As a bonus, this preparation will make the homeless drafty in the winter months.

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