Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas fabric

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare

Such a classic, Tim Burton certainly thought out the whole thing before he came up with the title even, such lovely scripts to think of a message as well with every movie he does. It was also revolutionary to come up with such brilliant animation at the time, around 1993. It was also because of the movie’s popularity that it spread to every single materialistic thing we possess such as cups or mugs, and now it made itself to customized nightmare before Christmas fabric.

The Story of the Nightmare before Christmas

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare

Imagine a world where you celebrate a festival every day, let’s say, for instance, every day, is Diwali, it’s a lot of fun for everyone, right? It’s the same with the nightmare before Christmas except they celebrate Halloween all throughout the year. I think that’s how an idea for the nightmare before Christmas fabric was developed, giving the feel of Halloween every single day.

So, Jack Skellington, the leader of the town, decides what and all to be done, over time, he gets bored of the same thing all over again, yes, too much fun gets boring. Coming back to the point, he wishes to do something different wherein he stumbles upon a door that leads to him to the fun world of Christmas, where he is excited having found this new venture to escape from his boredom of Halloween.

After getting an idea of how that world is, he comes back and lets the people know about Christmas and how they should come to terms with it. He starts assigning various orders to people and also to a certain someone, Sally, who is in love with Jack without his knowing. Reluctantly, they all agree and things start to go down from here. Jack kidnaps Santa with the help of a trio of a trick-or-treat children and starts delivering presents in a Halloween way which does not go well with the people, meanwhile, Santa is delivered to a cunning man who gambles Santa’s life.

Jack then saves Santa by going to the cunning man’s lair (Oogie) and apologies for his actions he has caused simultaneously realizing the love for Halloween he has always had before discovering Christmas. Santa helps the whole thing turn around by replacing the Halloween inspired gifts to regular, Christmas gifts and the story ends with Jack and Sally (a ragged doll) finding love at the graveyard, nightmare ending, right? An apt name for the title, don’t you think?!

Easy way to remember

  • Jack, Halloween leader gets bored
  • Jack finds Christmas and spreads it
  • People do not agree but are forced to do things
  • Jack tries to gift and ends up kidnapping Santa
  • Jack finds his love for Halloween in the end
  • Jack messes up Christmas and Santa fixes it
  • Jack and Sally end up together (at the graveyard, no pun intended)

The link between the story and the fabric

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare

There certainly are connections between the two; it is not just for commercial sakes that the nightmare before Christmas fabric was developed, it was with a purpose, the purpose of gifting! The message still continues in the present, real world with people purchasing their love for the message it delivers. Disney boasts itself with such collections from this to Jack in the form of a pillow even, spreading love has never been more fun and nightmarish! Although it’s not celebrated much in India, as our society still hasn’t come to terms with the idea of Halloween. Probably, it’ll take another generation, perhaps, one day we might be able to surprise someone with these gifts, and one thing is for sure, it will certainly be a nightmare before Christmas!

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