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Style up your bathroom with creative tiling methods

by DrPrem Jagyasi

If you have spent ages with the same dull looking bathroom, it is high time you remodelled it. Always keep in mind that for your bathroom to look stylish and classy tiling plays a crucial role. Here are some tiling tips which will help you create a modern bathroom.

  1. Selection of tiles


If you have made up your mind to change the tiles of your bathroom then these days there is a large variety of tiles available in different colours, prints and shapes. Choose the one which appeals to you most. The simplest way would be to select plain white tiles as the main tiles. You can use bright coloured tiles as borders. You can also make use of coloured grout. Some people even opt for tiles with different designs like floral designs, geometric designs etc.

Please make sure that the main tiles and the border tiles are of the same thickness. Measure the area of your bathroom as accurately as possible so that you can place the order for the boxes of tiles accordingly. Also, make sure that the batch numbers on all the boxes of tiles are the same so that there is no variation in the quality of the tiles. One thing to always keep in mind is that the tiles should not be bigger than 300mm x 300 mm.

  1. Painting the old tiles


If you are running tight on budget but at the same time, the bathroom tiles are looking awful, you can paint the old tiles as a quick fix. First just get the damaged portions repaired. Now with the help of a good cleaner, clean the tiles and remove the glossiness of the tiles. You can use an orbital sander to remove the gloss. Remove all the dust and apply two coats of the adhesion primer. Sand gently and then apply the paint. You can choose from latex paints, oil-based paint and epoxy paints. Latex paints get damaged easily and therefore, many people prefer using oil based paints which last longer.

  1. Go for different materials like stone


Most commonly used tiles for the bathroom are ceramic tiles. However, it is not mandatory that you have to make use of only ceramic tiles for the bathroom. You can make use stone tiles for your bathroom. If you are ready to shell out a little extra, go in for natural stone tiles. You can select from marble, limestone, granite etc. Installing these tiles is easy and the procedure is almost similar to that of ceramic tiles. Only one major difference in the installation of stone tiles is that you will require a wet saw which has a diamond finish.

  1. Grouting and use of sealants


After installing the tiles leave them untouched for 24 hours so that the adhesive sets in. Remove the excess adhesive that may be sticking out and push the grout into the joints. Remove any excess grout on the surface of the tiles but remember not to touch the grout in the joints. Let the grout dry completely.

Now clean the tiles with a soft, dry cloth. To get rid of the problem of water penetrations make use of sealants. The problem of water penetration is more rampant in the gaps at the bottom, the area between the tiles and the bath etc. You can make use acrylic or silicone sealants. In the case of silicone sealants do not use wet fingers as it can result in mould growth.

Tiling is very important in making your bathroom look awesome. Just pay attention to small details like the selection of tiles, the material of tiles, grouting etc and you can have one of the best bathrooms which look’s stunning.

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