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Simple Home Décor Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Simple Home Décor Tips to Increase Instagram Followers

Your home has to be aesthetically pleasing in order to attract a large following. With the right use of colors and decor you can increase likes and followers. You could also get free Instagram followers with GetInsta. Check out our home decor tips to make your home Insta worthy and how to use apps such as GetInsta to increase your following.

 What is GetInsta?


GetInsta is an application which can be downloaded easily on your desktop or phone. It can instantly increase your likes and followers, which is pretty helpful when you are starting your home decor page. The process is quite easy, as you only have to download the app.

There is no payment that you have to make, as it is completely free, for an unlimited period of time. GetInsta gives you real users as followers and real likes, unlike other similar apps, which use bots to increase following.

Instagram regularly updates its systems to track down and delete fake users, and many likes and followers are deleted in a few seconds. But with GetInsta, your following will keep increasing with time, in a periodic, organic way as only real users will follow you and like your posts. 

How it works

GetInsta has a simple process. To start with you have to download the app, then sign up with an email id and login with the same id. Immediately after logging in, the app will give you coins with which you can buy followers and likes. You can keep completing the tasks that GetInsta sets up for you, which will give you more coins.

GetInsta, the Instagram followers app is 100% free, secure and virus free. With this app, your home decor page can have as many followers as you want, without any hassle at all. 

1. Make your bedroom photogenic

photogenic bedroom

Undoubtedly, many of your posts would be about bedroom decor. Choose bed linen in color schemes such as greys and blues, for a polished look. Opt for a throw with bright colors or with a fun saying.

Cushions and pillows can be of different patterns and prints, so that you can change the look of your room whenever you want. An expert tip is to place the bed in a central space rather than keeping it against a wall, as this opens up the space.

2. Nightstand style

Nightstands or bedside tables reflect your personality or the design style that you want to project. You can showcase your ingenuity by using furniture which stands out. For a rustic feel, use nightstand with wooden frame and green and brown decor items.

Repurpose old drawers or trunks to create a beautiful, completely unique nightstand. This can be done in your guest bedroom too. 

3. Shelfs are in

living room

Shelves are trending right now, and there are tons of wall-mounted designs you can use in the bedrooms or living rooms. An artefact, curio, CDs, books, trinkets and candles would make any room pop. 

4. Use a mirror/mirrors

Large mirrors on one of the walls or using several small mirrors (which would also save money), will create the illusion of a spacious, grand room. 

5. Use lots of plants

Plants add greenery

Plants add greenery, color and life to any space. Succulents can be placed anywhere – in the living room, bedroom, on the dining table, in the bathroom. Other cheap plants too would enhance your home to a great extent. 

6. Get rid of the clutter

There should be no clutter at all in the background. Go for the minimalist lifestyle and get rid of all objects which do not add either beauty or have a purpose in your home. However, try as you may, clutter does accumulate. Hide the clutter by assigning a dedicated hidden space for it, till you can clean it out.

7. Lighting


Instead of overhead lights, use table lamps to create a sense of drama, as well as warmth. Strips of LED lights would add just the right Instagram touch. Click photos of your home in soft morning light, or bright sunny afternoons, or at sunset to make use of the natural light streaming through your home.

Your photos should not be dark, and natural light might have to be supplemented. To get free Instagram likes is easy if your photos are beautiful.

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