Interior design trends that would rule 2019

Interior design trends

Interior design trends keep on shifting from time to time, and this upcoming year 2019 is expected to be proved as a landmark for designing industry. Minimalism is expected to fade away and a clear comeback of colors and lights could be seen. Let’s have a look over the fantastic interior design trends that you must keep an eye on. You can easily implement remodeling ideas and completely transform your living place.

The best interior design trends for 2019

Rush to Plush:

plush sofas
We could see a return on plush furniture. People today are moving for rich chairs or plush sofas. They come in rounded shapes with over stuffing on their bodies which scream relaxation and comfort while describing luxury. Plush and large pillows are being used with plush seats. Moreover, you can also be put over your existing sofas or chairs to enhance the luxuriousness of your place without any considerable replacement. With the comeback of Ottoman, we cannot think of the classic leather covers, rather we could see soft velvet materials to make their appearance.

The wallpaper return

Recently a huge return of the concept of wallpaper could be observed and this trend is expected to be continued in 2019. Wallpapers are now much more interesting than they were earlier as they were considered as an alternative to paint for long. Now the dimensional fabrics have changed the game entirely by opening a new field for the welcome of wallpapers.

Wallpapers are often more dramatic with pattern options that can range from demure and could be understated regal in many cases. Wallpapers are an excellent way of enhancing the personality of a room and could fit up will all sorts of aesthetics. You can find everything in wallpapers like metallic effects, botanical patterns or geometrical shapes.

Spa bathroom:

Spa bathroom

Spas are becoming familiar these days as most of the people are inviting spas to their bathrooms to make them conducive for relaxation. Bath salts and bubbly foot baths are now a thing of the past; this is because hot tubs and large stands are more in demand.  Marble and granite are being increasingly used in bathrooms and continue to set in 2019. This year also marks the return of natural instincts in all most every interior design; then, why should bathrooms be left behind!

Patterned plants:

Using patterned plants in home decor is the newest trend these days. Such plants are of unusual patterns and vibrant colors which are definitely better than little green bushes at the corner. Opting for plants with deark green leaves or vivid white veins is a great way to catch anybody’s attention. Similarly, to break up the hardwood backgrounds; you can choose to go with terracotta colored planters.

Some great examples of patterned plants include watermelon peperomia, red aglaonema and calatheas etc. But make sure that when you add patterned plants in your home decor; you read the instructions carefully. This is because.  many of them could be tropical species, and need special care so that they can last longer.

Color hints:

Colour hints
Instead of using one or complementary colours to decorate your room, the newest trend has shifted towards adding small flashes or hints of colour everywhere. It depends on the personality and variety of space. You can bring out a new look of your living area with such house renovation using a relatively less amount of money. For example terrazzo resurgence can add an earthy, vibrant tone to your neutral or dark room. It is very popular and in a great demand now.

Upholstery and floor patterns:

They are also becoming popular remodeling ideas. Drop down the traditional creamy white carpet patterns and change them to some interesting colored pattern instead. If you have an exciting palette of colors in your accent pillows, furniture, walls and flooring, it would be great to add some more colors to it which could truly pop out in your room. Make use of brown glass which contains a unique white swirl instead of using a clear white glass.

Varying and unique patterns of marbles:

countertopThe reason behind its popularity is that it looks like a combination of natural and some different item. It is a vibrant alternative to cream, beige or grey tiles on the counter top, floor or walls. You could earn extra points for using recycled wood or marble in your home design. Recycled stone and rock can create distinct and random patterns on your floor without any wastage. And it not just limited to flooring. Many manufacturers are using recycled ceramics, stones and other materials for creating furniture’s and light diffusers which could give your home a design without paying for any commissioned artwork.

The best part of this trend is that you can get this look in a very easy way. Just add a few accessories like pillows or any of your favorite personal possessions. You can also complete this look further by making a few changes to your windows and break up the monotonous color pattern.

Interesting details is also part of the list

Detailing has always been one of the most essential aspects of interior designing. This is because, small details helps to give the look a complete finish. Colors like rose gold, brass and chrome are trending in modern hardware and accessories. You can opt to go for such colors for accessories like your lighting fixtures, door and cabinet handles etc. These colors blend in perfectly with any theme and also give your home decor a perfect finish.

While some people prefer to go for the solid color, there are some that opt for textured or pattern finishes. Making the right choice in detailing is very important; this is why, it is best to leave this for the last. This way it will be easy for you to choose the right kind of detail you want based on the colors you have used. Along with that, also consider different shapes and sizes to make the look more interesting and unique.

A final note

Personalizing your home is no rocket science. It is all about adding the right elements in the correct way. A perfectly designed house is more about you blend in the present interior design trends to suit your needs. It is also about bringing in the element of customization without making too many changes.

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