9 design ideas for a bedroom with balcony

bedroom with balcony

Balconies attached to your bedroom is a breathing space for you in an outdoor, private spot. A balcony with a view is perfect to spend the mornings in, taking in the sun, and sipping on your favorite beverage. There are some really beautiful design ideas for bedroom with balcony, to make it both a synchronized and a harmonious space. Check them out.

9 bedroom with balcony design ideas

Bachelor pad style

bedroom with balconyIf you have a studio apartment with a small balcony, or a large bedroom with a balcony attached, then do up the room in a luxurious style. It should be comfortable without any unnecessary knick knacks and furniture. The colors can be up to you, but keeping it simple will work well. The balcony furniture too can be comfy and it should not have too many elements, so that the design will match with the bedroom.

Add an unusual element

Add a unique element such as a telescope to make your bedroom something special. You can carry the telescope outdoors into your balcony to spend hours gazing at the skies. The rest of room should have a starry theme so that the telescope does not look out of place. A bedroom with balcony can have these kinds of unique elements to create a décor which is riveting and centers around a central décor element.

Bright colors

bedroom with balconyYour bedroom is a place to relax in, but too many drab colors will make it a dull place. Instead of painting walls in bright colors or having bright colored wall paper, which is difficult to change soon as it is a heavy investment, add a dash of color to your bedroom with balcony by adding furniture and drapes which are in bright, warm colors same as a bright cheerful bedding sets can also enhance the flavour of your bedroom. For example, a red chair or beanbag with apple green drapes would be a combination of colors which is instantly lifts your mood.

In the balcony, add a few colorful flowers, such as salvia which lasts long and does not need much care. Your outdoor space should be one which reminds you of nature, and is pleasant to sit in. A few plants would make it an inviting space and give your eyes something to look at when you step out.

Multifunctional furniture

Choose multifunctional furniture for your outdoor space which can be folded up and kept inside or which can be used inside as well, especially foldable tables. Transform your balcony into a lovely indoor café with some café style tables and chairs.

If you have a small room, but it has a balcony, then the balcony can be an extension of the room, where you can put just one or two foldable wrought iron chairs. Plants can be hung from the ceiling of the balcony, and with a small fan, you can sit outside and enjoy sipping your favorite beverage.

Floor cushions

bedroom with balconyIf there is very little space in your bedroom with balcony, think about getting some pretty floor cushions, and a mat for the balcony. You can use the floor cushions in your small room and the balcony so that you make the most of the space, both indoors and outdoors.

Install in-built seating

Maximize the space you have with smart design ideas. Just put in an L-shaped bench seating in your balcony which can do double duty as storage too. Use a synthetic material for the cushions, including back cushions, and the outdoor seating will become a hassle free, weatherproof seating area. And you won’t have to worry about your furniture flying off in strong winds.

Lush greenery

bedroom with balconyOne of the best ideas for your bedroom with balcony is to fill the balcony with lots of plants. The lush greenery outside will let you breathe in some clean, fresh air, as plants clean up the air. Create a vertical wall garden with shelves that can have many ferns and herbs. The herbs will impart a beautiful fragrance. The space will become an amazing area to entertain people outdoors.

Add a screen

Adding a screen will keep the bugs out, especially if there are lots of mosquitoes in your region. It will extend the bedroom space and let you sit comfortably outdoors, without the fear of being bitten by bugs. If you have any other bugs around your bedroom, bed bugs in Barrie can take care of the job. If you have a slightly bigger balcony, then add a mini cooking range outdoors to cook dinner outside and eat a hot meal sitting in your balcony.

Glass windows

bedroom with balconyFor your bedroom and balcony to be a single connected space, you should have large glass windows and glass sliding doors. Glass windows can be prettified with gorgeous window treatments, such as elegant curtains or vinyl blinds and so on. Double glazed glass with provide privacy as well as sound proof your bedroom, as it will block noise from outside.

Your bedroom with a balcony can be a special private retreat for you, you can sit and enjoy the sun and natural light in all kinds of weathers and at all times of the day, especially if you have a screen on the balcony.

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