How a Roof Replacement Will Impact Curb Appeal of Your Home

Roof Replacement Will Impact Curb Appeal of Your Home

Improving the curb appeal of a home always has its value. According to Style Roofing, roof replacement contractors serving Fairfax, VA, and the wider area, the roof is the second, most-important exterior element of a house. Together with a façade, it can significantly improve the overall esthetic appearance of the whole property.

As such, replacing an old, shabby roof can significantly increase the value of your home on the free market. So much so that it can persuade reluctant buyers to give your property a shot. Of course, this isn’t the only benefit of roof replacement. The repairs are also necessary if you wish to protect the rest of your home. Leaking and eroding roofs can cause significant damage to other sections of your house.

In this article, we will analyze how a replacement will impact the curb appeal of your home.

Focusing on the design

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One of the major issues with roofs is that homeowners simply lack the creativity to take the project to another level. There is always a chance that your original roof wasn’t even suitable for your façade and home, in general. People get used to a certain visual style forgetting that a new type of tiles or shingles can be a major improvement to exterior esthetics.

By simply changing its construction, slope or by adding a few other minor touches, you can significantly improve the way it looks. A good example is adding cross gables, an element that is akin to dormer. With cross gables, you don’t have to worry about side walls, otherwise referred to as cheeks. This small addition will do miracles for the overall appeal of the house.

In case you have numerous shutters, windows, or a major exterior trim, it is usually better to go with simpler lines. While adding minor elements can always help with the monotony, you also shouldn’t overdo it.

Like with everything else, it is important to find the right balance that will put emphasis on other things without being too tacky. Clean lines are great if you don’t want your home to look too cluttered. Lastly, make sure that all newly-added elements are properly positioned, so they don’t interfere with each other.

Changing the color

Finding the same-colored shingles is usually a pain. Sometimes, the manufacturers discontinue production of a particular model, so it is hard to find the same exact product. Keep in mind that roofs are updated every 15+ years, so a lot of things can change in this time span.

It is always nice experimenting with roof colors. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners go with the dullest gray, which barely does anything to improve the esthetic appeal of a home. Red shingles and tiles are really nice if you have a brick house, while slate gray is pretty incredible with modern design and metal elements.

Updating the color of your roof can also have an impact on how the façade looks like. For example, if you go with a blue dress up or aluminum white siding, combined with brow shingles, you can make certain wooden homes almost disappear.

How does new roofing affect the rest of the house?

replacement of the roofing of a residential house on a background of blue sky, half changed, half not yet

When you go with modern metal roofing, or you simply get a new set of shingles, your entire home will look completely different. In many cases, the roof will look shabby because it’s lost its color. Even if it’s not damaged and is, in fact, in a rather good condition, it can still leave a bad visual impression.

The roof slowly loses color, which is why most homeowners don’t even notice a change. However, when a passerby looks at your house, they will definitely notice that it’s rundown.

The new roof also has a major impact on the façade. When you get brand-new tiles or shingles, your brick exterior can look much brighter, even if you haven’t made any change to it. Shutters also benefit from this change, and they might appear more pronounced and attractive.

How does old roofing affect the rest of the house?

In the same way a new roof improves the overall appearance, the old roof makes your exterior look very unappealing. Stains from soot and water, different types of discoloration, damaged tiles make the house very unappealing to onlookers.

When it comes to roofs, people usually make a change when the damage becomes extensive. However, this shouldn’t be the practice. Updating your roof every once in a while can do wonders for its appearance. Furthermore, it can have a major impact on the resell value of the house.

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