Four decor ideas to customize your interiors


It’s always nice to enjoy the beautiful decor in your home. When you decorate well, it’s a great way to turn a basic house into a luxurious home. Even if you live in one of the stunning Perch Plans, there are still ways you’ll want to customize it and make it your own. Consider these four decor ideas as you get started.

1. Add an indoor garden.

indoor gardenWhether your home has the layout of one of the Modern Farmhouse Plans or of a simple condo, you can always add an indoor garden. It doesn’t need to take up a lot of space either. You can make it a vertical garden that takes up one of the walls in your home. You can also purchase a simple garment rack and hang plants from the rack. Plants are important to keep in your home as they clean the air and decrease the chances of air pollution.

2. Use wallpapers.

Wallpapers can be a little intimidating for some people. Consider lining the walls of your powder room in wallpaper with a beautiful design. If a powder room is too large, consider adding wallpaper to a small nook in your home. It’s a great way to add visual interest and make a difference in a room. You can also add wallpaper to the perimeter of a room.

3. Add a new rug.

Add a new rug.Rugs can be considered the artwork for the floor. You can purchase rugs in so many different prints, patterns, textures and colors. Consider the look you’re going for in the home. Then, visit different online shops to see what’s available. The shipping fees for rugs can be pretty costly, so don’t forget to visit your local furniture store as well. Some of the best and most unique deals are easier to find in person.

4. Create a gallery wall.

A gallery wall is fun and can literally go anywhere in your home. It can line the walls of the staircase or be the main attraction in a family room. Use a mix of quotes, artwork and pictures of your family members. Once you gather all of the frames, plan the layout before using nails to fasten the art to the wall.

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