Five Best Storage Ideas For Your Small Kitchen

Storage Ideas For Your Small Kitchen

Are you lacking in kitchen storage space? Well, as you are about to learn, some trickery can go a long way. All you need to do is rethink those little nooks and crannies, and you will discover some space-saving solutions you never knew existed. Better yet, you may also add some style to your cluttered space.

So, without further ado, here are five great tips to store more in your “tiny” kitchen.

1. Roll-out drawers

Roll-out drawersIt may sound like hype, but storage cabinets with rollouts can change your life. Rollouts provide easier access, streamline cooking, and simplify clean-up chores. They maximize every cubic inch of your space, and you can stop constantly stooping to find things in your base cabinets.

2. Free-standing shelves

Free-standing metallic shelves are a staple in professional restaurant kitchens. Take a page from their book and work one into your kitchen for additional spots to stash pots, pans, dining ware, and even small appliances. Free-standing shelves pack in a great deal of square footage while giving your room a pleasant industrial touch.

3. Pegboards

adding-more-limiting-shelvesYour walls can hold more than you may think. So, instead of adding more limiting shelves, consider putting up a pegboard for your pots and pans. Pegboards offer flexible storage for items that would seem cluttered on a shelf. You can also adjust your pegboard easily as your needs change.

4. Nesting tables

If your kitchen is really space-deficient, a permanently present table or countertop may not be an option. Instead, try a built-in nesting table that you can pull out when you are preparing a meal and tuck it away into your cabinet when you are done.

5. Windows

Storage Ideas For Your Small KitchenThe primary purpose of a window is to let in natural light, but you can maximize its utility by adding custom shelves or cubbies around the frame, Go bolder and cross a hanging rod. In the kitchen below, the uniform collection of pots and pans makes the window a fun focal point that is also a smart storage solution.

Meta description: Quite often, the greatest limitation of a small kitchen is storage. Make the best out of your kitchen with these five great storage ideas

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