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Essential home cleaning precautionary measures that lessen your chances of injury

by DrPrem Jagyasi
chances of injury

Getting injured while spring cleaning is something you need to be careful about. When you’re trying to clean and polish all the surfaces that you have been so meticulously designed and created, from top to bottom, you may trip on any of the things that are lying on the floor – dolls, balls, and other odds and ends. You might lose your balance trying to get at the cobwebs up on the ceiling. But a few precautionary measures can reduce your chances of injury. Here are a few tips as to how you can clean your perfectly designed home safely without any risk of accident:

Clear all the clutter

The first safety precaution you should take is clearing up all the clutter that is lying around on landings, floors and stairs. Try and clear you path as far as possible. Request your family members to put away their things and thus help you in cleaning up.

Be extra careful while moving big furniture pieces and appliances

While moving large items of furniture, you must be sure to keep the back straight and wear safety footwear. Wearing safe footwear will help to keep your feet safe while moving heavy appliances and furniture.

Secure telephone and electrical cords

Tuck telephone and electrical cords under the furniture or push them next to the walls so that they won’t be in your way.

Be careful when climbing on stools and ladders

Spring cleaning also means you wash all the windows and clean the ceiling fans and so on. While climbing on ladders, be very careful and do not lean too much on either side. A good way to ensure safety is to take care that the belly button has to be within the ladder’s boundary i.e. it should not cross the ladder’s sides. Have someone hold the ladder for you and wear non skid shoes.

Be safe on the stairs

Injured man lying on the floor

When you’re using the staircase, keep your free hand on the railing side of the staircase. If you lose balance, you’ll be able to stop the fall by grabbing the railing.

Avoid carrying extra heavy piles

A good thumb rule is not carrying a pile of things which is higher than the eye level. Make more trips but be safe.

Don’t use gasoline

Never use gasoline to clean anything as gasoline ignites easily; nor should you store gasoline inside your house.

Don’t leave cleaning solutions or buckets of water unattended

chances of injury

Pets and small kids might overturn the bucket or you yourself may trip over it, leading to a wet and slippery floor, dangerous to all. It also becomes very dangerous if you are operating electrical tools, as these should not be used near water at all.

Read and follow directions precisely

Be sure to read directions and any precautionary measure printed on chemical cleaners to be on the safe side. Wear gloves if gloves are recommended to be worn.

Many accidents, small and big, occur when people are cleaning their homes. Watching where you go and being cautious will save you from injury and give you a sparkling clean home.

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