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Eco-friendly Lumir C LED lamp powered by a small candle

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Lumir C LED Lamp is candle-powered lighting fixture, which is designed to provide eco-friendly alternative to battery lanterns.The word Lumir is a combination of two terms: Lumi means‘light,’ and Mir means‘the world.’Thus, this LED lamp is considered to be the world of light.Instead of battery-powered light sources, Lumir C requires asmall candle to provide sufficient light and brightness.Hence, a single candle fulfills all illumination needs without any requirement of batteries and plugs.

Qualities of Lumir C                                                          

Since Lumir C requires no batteries,there is no chance of airpollution or any harm to surrounding environment. To use the device, all you need is a lighted candlethat can be placed within the base. The heat produced by the candle flame further provides power to LED lamp for generating required amount of light intensity. The device works with the help of heat energy, so the brightness will depend on the size of the candle’s flame.


The lamp is shaped like a traditional lantern, but provides ample light and brightness like any modern day light bulb. Two types of Lumir C LED Lamps are available in the market: Mood and Spot; and both come in matte white finish. Being cordless, you can place Lumir C at any convenient place such as on center table, bedside table or any corner of the house.  Moreover, a scented candle can also be used to create relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

Coming across the problem of power cuts in India and the sight of people lighting their house with candles, inspired the designers to create this candle-powered lamp. The LED lamp brilliantly converts heat energy to light so that the problem of power cuts can be solved in various regions around the world.

Source : Kickstarter.Com

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