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Creating a Home Health Checklist: What to Add to it

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Creating a Home Health Checklist

Being a homeowner can be very rewarding, but you also have the challenge of looking after your property and being responsible for maintenance and repairs. Of course, you can get experts in to help with major repairs, but you do need to ensure you pick up on repairs that need to be carried out so that you can contact the relevant professional. With this in mind, it is worth creating a home health checklist to make this process a little easier.

Rather than waiting for major issues to erupt, creating a checklist will enable you to be proactive and identify issues during the early stages. It can even help you to prevent issues – for instance, if you notice a damaged tile on your roof, you can get it replaced before it turns into an issue. Of course, you need to ensure you add all vital checks to your list, and this will depend on the type of property you have and what the higher-risk areas are. In this article, we will look at some of the tasks you should add to your checklist.

Some Checks to Add to Your List

Depending on your property type, there are a few key areas and tasks you should add to your checklist. If you notice any issues, you can then carry out repairs or get a professional in to take a look. Some of these are:

1. Check Your Roof Regularly


One of the tasks that definitely need to go on your home health checklist is checking your roof. A damaged roof can lead to all sorts of issues and it can also be extremely expensive to deal with. By doing regular checks, you can pick up on any issues early on such as moss build-up and debris, broken or missing tiles, and other issues that could turn into major problems. You can then get them addressed during the early stages.

2. Assess Your Crawl Space

Another thing to add to your list is to check your crawl space for any signs of damage. It is important to ensure you keep the space under your home clean and dry, and regular checks will enable you to do this. In addition, consider getting it encapsulated, as this will reduce the risk of any issues and will make your job far easier.

3. Look for Basement Issues

Basement Issues

You also need to add checking the basement to your list if you have one, as this can be the source of many issues that arise around your home. Check the condition of your basement regularly and look for signs of damage. Also, get someone out to waterproof the basement, as this will protect both the room itself and the rest of your home.

4. Check for Signs of Foundation Problems

One other thing to add is to look for signs of foundation damage. This includes deeps cracks in walls and floors, areas of sinking concrete, and jamming windows and doors. If you notice any of these signs, call on experts to come and look at the foundation.

These are some of the key tasks to add to your home health checklist.

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