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5 Things to Consider Before Painting Your Home Exterior

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Painting Your Home Exterior

It does not matter if you want to live in your home or sell it, there are some things to consider before painting your exterior. A fresh lick of paint on the outside of your home will increase its curb appeal, making it easier to sell or more inviting to live in.

But, be careful.

Just adding any old paint is not going to cut it. We are here to help you consider how and why to paint your exterior.

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It

exterior painting increases the value home

There is no point in painting the exterior of your home if it does not need to be painted. The first thing to check is the condition of the paint. If the paint is cracking and chipping, then repaint it, even if you go with the same color.

Moving from flaking paint to a fresh, consistent coat is the number one way that exterior painting increases the value of your home.

But, what color should you paint it?

Color Choice

Stay away from bright colors, especially yellow. Studies have shown that people are put off from buying houses that are bright. The first impression is important and, even though repainting is relatively easy, bright, dazzling colors can turn people away.

A bright color may be a bold choice if you are living in a home, but you can soon tire of it. This is particularly true if you are enjoying your yard too. It may be striking at a glance, but do you want to have that in your face when you are trying to relax.

Neutral colors are always the best.

Over time, current colors change. Three may be times when big, bold colors are in style, but that is usually gone in the blink of an eye. If you want a color that will stand the test of time, choose a natural color such as off-white, grey, or light blue.

Choosing the right color will increase the value of your home the most. Choose one that is too bright and the house may look good, but the value will decrease.

Match the Home Style

color of paint is important

The color of paint is important, but that does not always mean that you should choose muted colors. There are times when it is more important to match the color to the style of the home.

For example, a house with a Victorian-style will be very different from one with a more Mediterranean style. A natural light blue is a popular choice for many houses, but not for these ones. Classic monochrome colors will fit Victorian, while earthy colors will make a Mediterranean home more sellable.

Does It Match the Region?

Color and style are important, but you should also pay attention to the color and styles around you.

Your home may look amazing as a standalone image online, but does it clash once you see it amongst the other homes in the area. Are the colors a bad match for the greenery surrounding it.

It is critical that the home looks amazing up close, but take a step back and survey it too. Does it look out of place or does it blend in? A valuable house is one that stands alone as being unique, but also one that is part of the greater whole.

When your home is part of the neighborhood, it is going to look better.

Speaking of the region, you’ll also want to pay attention to the temperature.

We’ll consider this bonus tip #4.5

If you live in a hot climate like Arizona, it may actually be too hot to paint the exterior of your home. We’ve discovered the ideal temperatures for painting a house and it really can be too hot or too cold to paint.

Stucco vs. Flat

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The surface of the walls is important to consider. Painting stucco is very different from painting other surfaces.

There was a time when all stucco was painted in salmon pink or some other drab color that has long since gone out of style.

Before you get started on painting your exterior, pay attention to what you are going to be painting. Not all paints can be used on any surface, so you will have to choose a specialized paint if you are painting something textured like stucco.

Final Thoughts

Painting the exterior of your home is going to increase the value of your house and also create a welcoming environment. It is going to help to showcase your home while helping it to fit into the neighborhood.

Follow our guide before painting your exterior, and your home is going to look amazing.

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